What Our Community Urgently Needs Before 2023 – YOU Can Do Better Pt 21

Hey, people, here’s your Motivation Moment. I’m John the CEO…

Our community needs one major thing this month…

The biggest challenge to our community is to make the most of that critical time gap between when we leave high school, around 18 years old, and then when we choose a career, which is around 24 years of age. Too many of us don’t take this important period of time seriously, which is why we have some of the lowest median incomes and net worth of all groups. If we each improve how we plan our careers after high school, we will make a tremendous impact on our incomes, net worth, and how the powerful people who run this world system pays attention to our voices as a result. Pay attention…

By now, many of you know what’s coming up this month, and what’s at stake for our community. To avoid the YouTube censors and bureaucracy, I won’t go into detail…but YOU know what I’m talking about…I’m an independent minded thinker, so I’m not bound to the usual propaganda on the left or on the right. Any powerful group or influential leader who wants something from us, needs to finally give us something tangible in return. Though we deserve a big reimbursement for America’s past sins, we’re not getting that any time soon, yet some of us should still step up our efforts towards that anyway. We’re still limited when it comes to credit and meaningful community investments, so we can only do so much in that area. But one thing, ONE thing we can do is choose better college and technical training options after high school.

As I’ve said in previous videos, the main thing too many of us do wrong is that we choose struggle majors we’re passionate about, as if a world that loves money more than they love us gives a dam about our passions. We don’t have enough money for them to care about us. If your passion doesn’t benefit them, and if they can get it from other people, then they’re not giving you a dime. More of us have to pick trades and college majors that are in high demand, that are hard to find anywhere else. Right now, STEM careers and technical skills are in very, very high demand, so much so that companies are immigrating talent from overseas.

Brothas and sistas, why are we letting this opportunity slip away? This is directly in our power to benefit from right now, not years from now. So for those big dogs who want something from you and me this month, ask them to give us grants and investments in real trade schools and community college programs to help the least of us get into STEM careers. And remember, although you may have to work for someone else a few years, once you master your STEM skill, you can start your own consulting or tech company later.

I’m John the CEO, and this was your motivation…



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