Super Yachts

The Billionaire Superyachting Hotspots Of The Future

At the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) this year – widely-considered the bellwether for the superyachting industry – the atmosphere was buzzier than it has been for a long time.

118 superyachts crammed into a blazingly-hot Port Hercules between the 24th and 27th of September, a record number for the show, with many having to anchor outside in the harbour.

Attendees said that a hike in ticket prices (almost double that of the previous year) had ensured a more “serious” visitor, with lots of promising enquiries that they hope will translate to sales.

“It has been a good year, we have three customised boats under construction and ‘touch wood’ three or four more soon,” said Lamberto Tacoli, chief executive of CRN, which builds some of the world’s most expensive superyachts. But he cautioned: “The market in Europe collapsed by around 60 percent during the financial crisis, it is coming back now, but slowly.”

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