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7 Black Owned Swimwear Brands

Top 7 Black-Owned Swimwear/ Bikini Brands

Not all swimsuits are the same, just as not all bodies are alike. Buying a swimsuit is like buying a pair of jeans. There are so many brands and styles on the market, and no two fit alike. These top 7 swimsuit and bikini companies are black-owned, and they have designs to fit any woman from a small, athletic body to a full-figure women with lots of curves.

#1 – Zubaida Zang: This company is owned by young entrepreneur Zubaida Simi Zang, who was born in Nigeria and received her fashion design training in Toronto. She uses bold colors like forest green and gold yellows in both her swimwear and fashion line. Her swimwear runs from $80 – $150.

#2 – Andrea Iyamah: Based in Ontario, Canada, this company was launched in 2011 and is owned by Nigerian fashion designer, Andrea Iyamah. Her line features bright colors and Aztec prints with styles that are sporty and sexy and for the daring. Her swimsuit line is priced from $95 – $150.

#3 – Nakimuli: Designed for curvy plus-size women, this swimsuit company carefully designs suits that will make any curvy woman look good. The company is owned by designer Tennille McMillan who launched her company in 2009. The company is located in Brooklyn, New York, which is also the designer’s home town. Nakimuli swimwear is priced from $52 – $130.

Top 7 Black-Owned Swimwear/ Bikini Brands
Bridala One Piece Swimsuit | Andrea Iyamah

See the rest at Top 7 Black-Owned Swimwear/ Bikini Brands.


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