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Black History Month began as “Negro History Week,” which was created in 1926 by Carter G. Woodson, a noted African American historian, scholar, educator, and publisher. It became a month-long celebration in 1976. The month of February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

Source: History Channel Black History Month


Business Ideas for Dallas Area Artists to Transform Entertainment in 2017


Hit songs have a unique way of transforming lifestyles in ways that cannot also be measured. Don’t think of your songs as just MP3 files that fans download. Instead, look at them as core units of a lifestyle. What a lot of artists misunderstand is that the music industry is more than just fame and fortune. Their products transform listeners lifestyles in ways that big companies want to tap into to keep their brands relevant to each generation. This is why lots of companies are locking to influential social media pages on Instagram, Snap, and Facebook to maintain some amount of “authenticity” with their customer base.


Popular songs create a lot of positive energy in the listener and are often the soundtrack of lifestyle trends. For instance, more people are interested in being healthy and looking their best, and they reflect that in their food choices, workout activities, their circle of friends, where they hang out, and the right kind of songs that permeate their desired lifestyle. What this means is that your lyrics should strike a balance between these new lifestyle trends and your own unique lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you do hip hop, EDM, R&B, or whatever your chosen genre. Finding that right lifestyle transforming song should resonate with your intended audience. So don’t just write lyrics to imitate others, but instead, change the world, one verse at a time. An article in entrepreneur magazine might help go deeper in understanding how marketing companies are going hard to align their budgets with the pulse of each city’s vibe. Find that vibe in Dallas, combined with business savvy, and you’ll soon see results. (continue reading after the video…)



The same concept applies to other artists in fashion/modeling, painting/graphic design, and other artistic endeavors. For models, it’s not about looking pretty so that you get discovered. Instead, what is it about your lifestyle that can transform others to follow your lead or gravitate to you? As with musicians, marketing geniuses look for very attractive women and men who are influencers in their circles and draw a sizable crowd to their social media page. Companies are paying big money to tap into your lifestyle, so rethink how you present your portfolio to align with lifestyle branding.


Dallas-based CurveMonsters is focused on lifestyle branding, which goes beyond simply posting a pic online. The team at CurveMonsters has consistently seen a direct correlation between hit songs and hashtags that appear in the posts of some of the most beautiful women on social media. For instance, “Bad and Boujee” is very popular among curvy fashionista on Instagram who are big social media influencers. Drake’s songs have the same effect. Why? These songs tap into a lifestyle identity that in turn make the fans of both the musicians and the Instagram influencers want to emulate their lifestyles in some way.


If you have any questions, just ask. With these ideas, artists can boost the Dallas entertainment scene to reflect the new lifestyle realities that cool people want, which is the most important goal, and that companies highly desire.


Reevaluating Solutions for South Dallas from a Recovering Museum Director

By Donald R. Hoke, Ph.D.
Before the rise of the welfare state in the 1960s, strong black families in Dallas lived and worked in segregate sections of the City. The key term is strong black family, defined as a father, mother, and children. It is fruitless to debate what caused the demise of strong black families since the 1950s and 1960s. However, there is no debate that children, particularly boys, do much better when raised in families with strong father figures. Rebuilding strong minority families would go far towards solving Dallas’ poverty problem. Play with this new idea.
Start with the premise that minority kids idolize local sports heroes. Every media form is full of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Suppose Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban, and Chuck Greenberg created a major, multi-decade marketing program targeting minority kids. The messengers would be minority sports heroes, current and past. The message would be very simple. Real men don’t get young women pregnant. Smart young women don’t allow men to get them pregnant. Real men and women finish high school. Real men marry smart women and start strong families.

That is it.
The marketing program would flood South Dallas and include billboards, black and Latino radio and TV stations as well as newspapers. Local ministers would welcome such a program as would such organizations as the Boys and Girls Clubs. The Cowboys, Mavericks, and Rangers social media would relentlessly blast this message to targeted audiences. I don’t understand social media very well, but sports marketing people do. Use their expertise. Posters in every school might carry Dion Sanders pointing to onlookers saying Real men finish school and marry bright women. No minority child could escape the message.
From the time a minority child learned about the Dallas Cowboys, he or she would be bombarded with the message. Finish school. Get married. Then start your family.
The message must stay just that simple. This is not about drinking or drugs or crime or school choice. Every time a minority child turns on any media, he or she must be bombarded by the same simple message. Make it cool to finish school. Make it look dumb to get pregnant or to get someone pregnant and drop out. If Dez Bryant tells minority children over and over again that Real manhood is finishing school, not getting a classmate pregnant, many if not most of those children will listen.
This must be a long-term program. A short media blitz accomplishes nothing. Dallas sports teams and their owners are immensely wealthy, which is a very good thing. Jerry and Mark and Chuck can effortlessly donate $5 million each per year for the next 25 years. Yes, they’ll get a charitable deduction. This is chump change compared with the continuing financial cost of welfare and crime, to say nothing of the permanent human cost of lost talent and human life.
The financial returns will dwarf the cost. The crime rate will go down because people in strong black and Latino families are unlikely to become criminals. When strong black families buy houses, they become investors in their communities. They will fight blight very naturally. Property tax revenues will increase, as will sales tax revenues because educated people will have jobs and money to spend. Welfare rolls will decrease, as these strong families reject welfare as a lifestyle.
The program must purchase high-profile advertising to target minority kids. That means ads in the middle of Cowboys’ games and Mavericks’ games and Rangers’ games. Yes, ads in the middle of the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals and the World Series. Public service announcements running at 3:00 AM are worthless. There must be full page advertisements in DMN as well as every magazine and newspaper these children read. Whatever these children watch on TV or on their smart phones, they must see their sports heroes repeating the simple message. Whatever these children use to entertain themselves must be the venue to reach them.
This must be a private-sector endeavor. There must be no government money and no government bureaucrats. This enables quick changes in the way the message is delivered and who is delivering it. Sports teams cut non-performing players in a heartbeat and this program must be able to “stop on a dime and give nine cents change.” The City and County can help promote the program, but must not be involved in funding or management. This is a job for the private sector, in which we Texans take such great pride.
Many well-intentioned groups have extended herculean efforts to solve the South Dallas poverty problem, all with little success. Einstein’s insanity definition fits our situation – “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Come on, Jerry and Mark and Chuck! Let’s try something different! Let’s be national leaders!

Donald Hoke is a Recovering Museum Director.

A Study on Mental Health Being Conducted by a Howard University PhD Student at Baylor

By Johanna Williams

Mental health concerns in our African American community are worthy of exploration and attention. Continued research is needed to cater to families in need both underprivileged and affluent. We are currently conducting a study on caretakers in families and really need your help. $100 Visa Gift Card could be yours for just taking it.

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This is for you. We would be honored to hear from you. Our research needs more diverse spread in SES and not just reports on low-income families, but ALL families.

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What Romantic Song Will You Have Playing for Your Girl on Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is not far off, so thought it would be good to help some brothas out with ideas. If you haven’t tried to break up to avoid a costly Valentine’s Day, it might be good to start planning that romantic night in advance, especially if you’re a young gentleman who probably forgot what an R&B song is. Unfortunately, with the exception of 105.7 FM and occasionally Boom 94.5 FM, the popular commercial radio rotations don’t play the hit romantic R&B tunes like they used to, which means that some younger guys are not very familiar with what to put on to set the right mood. Nope, ‘Bad and Boojee’ is not exactly romantic unless you and your girl are gun-toting drug dealers lol. Candle lit dinners with wine don’t quite go well with Young Thug or Young Ma playing in the background. Now if you two plan on going clubbin’ at Dallas’ Park Avenue or downtown Dallas later that night, you can put on Migos and Future in the car.



Fellas, you’d be surprised at how many younger women love those older romantic classics. And if you’re dating an older woman, she will be very, very impressed by your versatility in song genres. Alas, for that well-planned Valentine’s dinner at home, here are some songs you can check out on YouTube to get an idea, or you can just play our YouTube song list and save yourself that effort (this list is just some of the many classics that are guaranteed to make Valentine’s Day the best ever, and without much money):


WARNING: This is the baddest romantic song list in the history of song lists, so your girl might tackle you and pin you to the floor after you unleash this beast on her lol…

Full Playlist:


3 Songs from the 1970s-80s era:

3 Songs from the 1990s-2000s era:

The Future of Black Business As We Go From Obama to Trump

Whew! The political events this week have been one heck of a ride. It has been a matter of great pride for a lot of the black community as President Obama and his family occupied the White House for the past 8 years. And now the nation has transitioned to a new administration under President Trump. Of course, many have some hesitation about the new president, but as black business entrepreneurs and professionals, we have to continue to chart a new course for our future and not let politics enslave our passions. Since Trump presents himself as pro-business, let’s hold his feet to the fire and tap into that through whatever pro-business initiatives come out of his administration. Among all the business hot spots around the country, Dallas Ft. Worth is the brightest one for opportunities, so let’s seize them.


Regardless of the person who occupies the office, we have to look out for each other, for better or worse, and keep our friends close, yet our enemies closer. It is not wise to sit on the sideline and get depressed, as some are. Such negative emotions only harm us in the long run. Instead, we have to update our strategies to reflect the new realities and make the most of it. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. In fact, many of us find motivation in adversity, so let’s tap into that energy now and make 2017 and beyond even better. Given this is a political system dominated by two parties, not one, we have to work with either party (and others besides the two) to ensure our economic vision is on track to meet our needs. Time to think outside the box. We can do it. We can make Black America great again…ourselves.

Young Nigerian Girl creates Location App to help lost children | IT News Africa

12-year-old Tomisin Ogunnubi (right) | via IT News Africa

Man, young girls of African descent are doing big things these days. Here’s another young entrepreneur story to inspire you for 2017…

[12-year-old Tomisin Ogunnubi] from Lagos has developed an app to solve a problem which she had noticed in her community. Tomisin finished up the development of her Android mobile tracking app, My Location, just a few weeks ago.The motivation behind the app was to help lost children find their way back home.

How it was developed:Tomision developed her app under the guidence of an Information and Communications Technology partnership, between her school, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, and New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Here, Tomision was able to learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to develop her app.

Source: Nigerian 12-year-old creates Location App to help lost children | IT News Africa – Africa’s Technology News Leader