Visiting Dad in Prison Turns This Daughter into an Entrepreneur | Black Business News

Entrepreneurs often start businesses in order to fill a need or to solve a problem. That was the case with Kristal Bush from Philadelphia, PA. Her idea came from a very unlikely source – years of traveling to prison to visit her father. Since the time she was 6 or 7 year old, Kristal traveled as much as 300 miles to visit her father and other relatives in prison. It was normal to her; she even saw classmates who were visiting their relatives in prison at the same time. Today, she is still traveling back and forth to prisons – but in a very different way.

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Dallas Escape Series: Set Sail on One of Many Themed Cruises

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, now is the time to book one of these soulful, urban-themed cruises coming up in the months ahead! Cruise lines have been expanding the Galveston port of call just south of Houston, so now cruises to Puerto Rico and even Cuba are in the mix. Galveston is about 4-5 hours south of Dallas, depending on if you like to push a hundred down the highway, or you can fly to Hobby Airport in Houston in less time (Hobby is closer to Galveston than Bush Airport). Some urban cruises depart Galveston while others are out of New Orleans and Florida. Before we get into the various cruises, if any of you professionals in Dallas-Ft. Worth plan to travel on one of these cruises, let us know so we can informally coordinate the DFW contingent on each cruise so that those who want to go solo will know of other DFW solo travelers! That’s the spirit of our Happy Hour Buddies.

Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise 2017


A cabin on the Carnival Dram cruise ship

One of the best known urban cruises is the Dallas-based Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage 2017. Joyner’s cruise on the Carnival Dream brings out a star-studded line up of entertainers, and this time, they’ve assembled a big, lit list! Mary J Blige, R Kelly, Ice Cube with Dallas legend The D.O.C. and DJ Quik/DJ Yella/MC Ren, Frankie Beverly and Maze, legendary rap lyricist Rakim, Trick Daddy and Trina, Anthony Hamilton, Fnatasia, K-Ci and JoJo, Silk, Dru Hill, Troop, Anita Ward, Adina Howard, Evelyn Champagne King, The Bar-Kays, Brick, Con Funk Shun, and more!! My goodness, just typing in this list of greats makes a brotha wanna buy that ticket right about now!



As Black Cruise Week puts it, “Tom Joyner and the Sponsors go all out for this event, and it’s is truly one of the best events on the planet. In one week you will get more entertainment them most people get in 2 years.” Cabins on the cruise ship go from $2,000-4,000, and the $2025 cabins are already sold out, so do something about it now! The Itinerary starts in New Orleans and goes to the beautiful Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, and finally Mahogany Bay at the Isla Roatan before returning to New Orleans. You won’t notice the times spent at sea with this A-list of entertainers bringin’ it.


The 26th Annual Festival At Sea Cruise 2017

This is another popular cruise, doing it’s 26th annual cruise July 22 through 29, 2017. Wow! What a run. According to Black Cruise Week, this is the “longest running African-American Themed Charter Cruise in the World!” It departs Miami and heads to the beautiful St. Thomas Virgin Islands, and stunning Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, also stopping in another fave Caribbean spot, Grand Turk. Cabin rates are from about $1400 to a little over $4000. If you book by October 31, 2016, save $250 per person!


Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

The Vibe Cruise 2017 and 16th Annual Grown and Sexy cruise

Hosted by Grown and Sexy Travel, this cruise sets sail Memorial Day Weekend 2017, May 26, from Miami to the Bahamas, returning May 29. Trina is hosting her Toga Party on this cruise. No passport needed. Premium open bar the entire cruise! The ship is Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas. Contact for pricing. This group is also doing the 16th Annual Grown and Sexy cruise, Feb. 6-11, 2017, which goes from Ft. Lauderdale FL to Haiti and Jamaica. Solo travelers are $1478 per person, and if traveling with someone, it’s $879 per person, so let us know if you are solo and want to pair up with someone from the Dallas Ft. Worth area.


Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas




Falmouth, Jamaica


Urban Cruise Weekend 2017


Finally, Urban Cruise Weekend sets sail March 16-20, 2017 from Galveston to Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise ship is the Carnival Liberty. Cabin rates range from a little over $630 to over $800 per person, and some cabins are already selling out, so be sure to book as soon as you can!


Be sure to bookmark this page as we may update from time to time. Also, sign up at Black Cruise Week to keep up to date on other cruises you might like!


Ready for a Better, More Pleasant Way to Network in Uptown Dallas? | CultureMap Dallas

Via CultureMap Dallas | Spaces Dallas

For those moments of inspiration when you want to meet up with fellow ambitious entrepreneurs in a technically innovative business meeting set up without the long term commitment of a traditional office lease, an Amsterdam-based innovator in business meeting configurations just launched Spaces Dallas in Uptown this week. We think you might like the flexibility and high tech environment of this new concept, so read the rest of this informative CultureMap Dallas article below…

Dallas gets a new coworking space this October, and its size and perks suit the Uptown address. The super modern and highly social Spaces Dallas opens at 1919 McKinney Ave. on October 17. Founded in Amsterdam, Spaces Dallas offers more than just a location to hold meetings or send emails. The company’s culture focuses on creating a community of movers and shakers. This is its first foray into Texas. “Spaces Dallas will provide an inspiring and flexible environment for the region’s most innovative business leaders to work productively and connect with one another,” says Stephen Farley, Regus CEO, North America, the corporation behind the Dallas debut.

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Test Driving That Bentley Mulsanne Beast in Highland Park Village Dallas

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By John the CEO

This past Saturday afternoon was a perfect Fall weekend day for a drive. I must say, I was certainly glad I RSVP’d to the Bentley test drive event at Highland Park Village in the toney part of Dallas called Park Cities.


Highland Park Village | Dallas


Before I go into my experience, it’s good to provide a quick background on Highland Park Village for those professionals who are new to the Dallas area. Highland Park Village, where all the big dawgs and ballers shop, is a historic landmark, being the first self-contained outdoor shopping village of its kind in the country.


Before it opened for business in 1931, its developers were inspired by some of the Spanish architectural styles they observed from Mexico and California all the way to Spain. The city of Highland Park itself is part of what’s called “old money” in Dallas, having its roots of affluence dating all the way back to the late 1880s and early 1890s when its investor originally bought it to develop exclusive, upscale houses. The guy who headed up the design of Beverly Hills also designed Highland Park. The city sought to separate itself from Dallas, and was incorporated in 1915. Together with University Park, it is part of Park Cities, which is around the corner from billionaires like Mark Cuban and Ross Perot, as well as former President Bush Jr. We wrote an article about a few affluent blacks in Park Cities in 2014.


Ok, so that’s your history lesson for the day, boys and girls. Now let’s talk about how I looked pushin’ that big body around this bastion of billionaires. The convertible was booked solid, so I “settled” for the Bentley Mulsanne. Somebody should have warned me this thing would be so addicting. Its silver exterior color was nice, and that 500+ horse power makes driving quite effortless at any speed, but that interior though! It’s a mix of classic, well-appointed luxury with modern amenities for the tech savvy professional. Quite impressive. In keeping with Bentley expectations, sitting in the cockpit makes you feel larger than life, in control of your driving destiny. What especially caught my eye was not the custom stitching on the door panel leather, but the Vavona burl wood paneling, which is specially cut from the California sequoia tree. Definitely a nice touch compared to other luxury car wood paneling and veneers I’ve seen.


And now for the cost. The base model is about $300k, and the top trim (there are 3) is almost $500k. The marketing team that hosted the event is part of a traveling itinerary, but in Dallas, they refer Dallasites to Bentley Dallas, which is part of Park Place Motorcars. Malcolm Gage is the New Car Sales Director. If you’re living like a boss right mow, go ahead and get in touch with him. Ciao.



Are You a New Professional to Dallas Ft. Worth or Just Want to Network?

Well then, let’s network! No need for big networking events every time we want to meet. It can be an informal happy hour where a few of us just mix and mingle! Also, we post other mixers and happy hour events on our Events page.

Click the link to see how we can start to network with each other! We don’t want this site to just be about the successes of others in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We want to know who you are too! If you are a degreed professional – whether it be an Associates, Bachelor or Graduate degree – or are working on one or have a post-college professional career or business, we’d like to know you and let others across the area know you, too. Use the form here to provide us the info and we’ll reach out to you for more info. We will make the info you provide public, so don’t include any sensitive info such as personal home address, private email addresses, private phone numbers, etc.

By getting to know you this way, it will help other black professionals network with you and help make you feel welcome (if you’re new) and connected to the pulse of Black DFW. Be prepared to email a good photo of yourself when we contact you as part of the next step, if you want.


Your DFW Weekend Lineup: Business Networking Events, 2016 Bentley Mulsanne, State Fair Concert, Day and Night Parties

Whew! Everything is going on this weekend it seems, and there’s something for every professional who is about that business and lifestyle. But before we dive into all the good stuff, the Fall season means gradually bringing out the layers in your clothing style as the temperatures slowly drop. With all the business functions and upscale events coming up, its good to take your wardrobe to the next level. Two Dallas-based style blogs on Instagram can help: @BruvaJC for men’s style, and @CurvemonstersGlam. So fellas, if you need just a tiny bit of help in tweaking your style, be sure to it out. And ladies, if your man or male family members need help, you now know what to do! And of course, ladies do check out the @CurveMonsters ( site for the latest Fall styles, and if you think your style might help others out, DM or message them.

And now for the weekend lineup:


Friday (tonight)

Tonight is Libra season at Truth Lounge at Park Lane and 75 in the Northpark Center area.

CoSign Magazine is hosting an event at Illume at 1015 Elm St (Crowne Plaza Hotel).



The Susan G Komen breast cancer event with Tom Joyner lending his efforts.


From 10am – 12 noon is the monthly Entrepreneur Empowerment Network in Irving but hurry and RSVP asap!


Yours truly will networking while checking out the 2016 Benrley Mulsanne up close tomorrow afternoon, so be on the look out for pics on @affluentblacks.

Day party at Tate’s (2723 McKinney Avenue, Dallas uptown) with DJ Steve Nice doin’ it big for his birthday! If you saw our pics from Tate’s last weekend, you know it will be very lit (translation: fun) so RSVP now.


And another day party that is sure to be fun is The Saturday Hang Suite (4-10pm, 2711 Elm Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas) with DJ Phife, Damien Haltom and Rod Deloach. RSVP here.

Later Saturday night, things get rather interesting! The 3rd annual African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) is hosted by reality celeb (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and businesswoman Cynthia Bailer and top African comedian BasketMouth. It’s presented by Axxess at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, 1309 canton St., Dallas 75201.


Keeping with the breast cancer awareness theme, Brickhouse Lounge in Arlington (2525 E Arkansas Lane) has its Pink event where they will honor breast cancer survivors (a hand clap and fist bump to them). Rap legend and reality star Nelly takes the stage at the State Fair starting at 830pm.



Park Avenue last weekend


The new Pryme Saturdays is set to make a splash in the Dallas night life scene this Saturday, a weekend after Lotus made its debut and is also set to do it big Sat night. Park Avenue, Truth, Stone Trail, Sandaga 813, Villa and several other night spots will also keep you busy if you’re about that life (we posted some very fun pics from Park Avenue during OU Texas weekend last weekend, so check them out at @affluentblacks on Instagram).

Finally, Truth has their Jazz and Wine Sunday Day party featuring celebrated jazz man Don Diego and his team. Heroes Lounge has their weekly Drinks and Drums event starting at 3pm, live band at 7pm. Sankofa also has a Sunday brunch for those deeper south.


Next week is the 90th Anniversary Gala for the well respected Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce (the oldest in the country), plus the long awaited Bella Kinks DFW Natural Hair Expo and after party, and other upscale events, so stay tuned for that and again, be sure to check out the style links we mentioned in the first paragraph so you look your best as you represent Dallas Ft. Worth to the world that is increasingly paying attention to us! If we forgot any special events, let us know and do keep in touch with business networking and social events coming up this Fall! This is part of the Dallas Fall Events series here at Affluent Blacks of Dallas…

11 Strong Signs That You’ve Mastered LinkedIn | Entrepreneur



Social media is a double-edged sword for many business owners and entrepreneurs. On the one hand, it promises so much, but on the other hand, it can take up a lot of your valuable time — especially if you don’t have a proven social media plan. But if you’re mainly selling to other businesses, then there’s one place you definitely need to be — LinkedIn.With more than 400 million users and the ability to connect with new leads, new partners or influencers who can help you spread the word about your brand, it’s the obvious choice for B2B.

Source: 11 Strong Signs That You’ve Mastered LinkedIn