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Can Sha’Carri Richardson repair the damage to her brand? Lessons on PR Damage Control

…Sha’Carri is at a crossroads. If she continues to do further damage, she may not be able to repair her brand. If she chooses to go down the path of being a bad girl of sport, she should follow the lead of the godfather of bad boy sports PR, Dennis Rodman.

He translated his bad boy reputation from his NBA days in Detroit and Chicago into championship rings, and the ability to appeal to the sympathy of the public in such a way that it made him eerily likely and humorous. His positive PR points outweighed his negative PR points, which is why he managed to stay successful in the public eye. I advise Sha’Carri to do the same thing.

I wish her well, and my invite for management consultation still stands if she can’t find help. She’s only 21, so she can still recover with the right guidance. Until the next video, my business warriors. War and peace.

Motivate yourself – Why God created you in His image

“When things in life go wrong, it’s common to blame God automatically. And when we want a way out of bad situations, we pray that God completely take over and make things better, as if He’s a genie in a bottle. When we want a blessing in our finances, we’re taught that giving tithes to the church will give us ten times more in return. When we look for a husband or wife, we leave it completely in God’s hands to find us the perfect mate. When we want a better job, we turn it over to God to make it fall in our laps.