Did Fresh and Fit Fix the PR Damage to Their Popular Brand?

Well, a lot has transpired since Fresh and Fit finally responded in more detail to the major attack on their brand from last week. For those who saw my first video on this topic, I suggested that, from a PR strategy standpoint, it’s always good to jump on top of massive PR damage sooner rather than later, usually within hours of the initial incident. Waiting too long increases the damage on your business brand and strengthens your enemy’s position. As I always say, business is war, and our community has to start viewing every business move as a calculated military strategy.

I had the hours long Fresh and Fit live stream playing in the background as I was busy working on client projects. I saw that the F and F gang was definitely on a million with their dire support of the dynamic Miami duo. And that’s to be expected. Having said that, I think they’re about to learn another tough lessen on public relations strategy: It ain’t over till it’s over.

The response from F and F was much better than their short, abbreviated response last week. As I said in my video, from a PR damage control standpoint, it was way too little given the significant threat posed by allegations from Aba and Preach, Anna Quinn, and that one young lady who said she was possibly pregnant by Myron. By letting all these details fester day after day, the yeast of the PR damage bread grew very big very quickly.

That growth put increasing pressure on other aspects of the Black Manosphere to respond in order to protect the greater brand of their community. So to the fans of Fresh and Fit, I certainly understand how you feel as I’ve liked some of their shows as well, but you also have to realize that, once again, business is war, and all kingdoms will seek to protect their turf when threats brew on the horizon. Can’t be in your feelings here. This is why, as I said in the first video, it’s good to hire a PR agency for these kinds of damage control scenarios. They can be a bit pricey, but the cost of the damage done to the Fresh and Fit brand has been significant, and I wouldn’t rule out another wave of damage until a professional is hired to mitigate the great damage already done.

I would highly recommend a Miami based PR agency, someone who knows the scene, who is perhaps in the same circle as Fresh and Fit, who can get out in front of every threat so that F and F can focus on delivering content to their fans. And I highly recommend implementing an official business ethics policy, which will go along way to protect the brand. There are templates online that they can start from.

If I were to grade the PR performance of Fresh and Fit in their live stream response, I would give it a C. If this were a court proceeding, I’d give them an A,  since it’s good legal strategy to list all the facts and attack the plaintiff, though it’s tricky to go after a pregnant white woman as a black man perceived to be aggressive and misogynistic, given the ugly treatment of brothas accused of sexual activities against white women in this country. Clearly, this is the worst case PR scenario for a black man run business.

if it were just Myron’s response, I would upgrade it to a B-. But Fresh’s emotional response to Oshay Duke Jackson, Poor Man’s Podcast and The Lead Attorney, though understandable, did not help the PR strategy at all. Potential problems with the well known Kevin Samuels may also need to be mitigated quickly. Again, this is where a good PR agency can coach them on how to move and posture themselves in the public’s eye, how to behave and be contrite, humble and conciliatory. I hope they heed this advice because, as I said earlier, you can’t just drop the mic and feel victorious if there are still many outstanding questions and threats. Speaking of threat, I explained SWOT analysis in the first video, where the T stands for Threats. Go back and check it out if you haven’t already.

Ok. I don’t want to belabor the point any longer. Hopefully, all the brothas caught up in this PR tornado can seek the right solutions. And again, get a Miami PR agency to let them focus on content and let the agent restore the brand as best they can, if possible. Let this be a lesson to all young entrepreneurs. I want you all to succeed. Until the next video, my business warriors. War and peace.

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