Women of Dallas

Check out who we selected to be in the ABoD Women of Dallas Pinterest Page! Do you have what it takes to be included next? Just hook up with a great photographer, stylist and make up artist and give us a link to whatever social media site or page you post it to (or you can give it to us directly for consideration). Since this site is a draw for affluent blacks in DFW and who move here from other cities like Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and others, you’ll want to be on point – and we are very selective. Contact us using the form below.

Note: If you need a photographer in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, be sure to check that option in the form. Although you can certainly use any photographer you want (including a selfie or a friend who is pretty good with a camera), we strongly prefer you get with a professional photographer who has good experience and training in various styles of photography. This website is a social media magazine style format with a very educated and success-driven audience that expects the best, and we strive to select photos that show the best of Dallas. Every now and then we will post amateur photos to be inclusive and identify raw talent, but 99% of the time, we will select top notch professional photographs. Here’s a list of great Dallas area photographers we like and highly recommend:

B Ellis Photography

Tal Campbell Photography

Torrence Williams Photography

Eric Lax Photography

Mystro Fotos of Dallas

Rodrick Conner Photography

Kauwuane Burton Photography

J. Black Productions of Dallas

Chris Jones Photography

Stan XL-Images Fleming

Eryk Gross Photography

Silver Rush Photography

UniverseYakah Faye Jones




Silver Rush Photography

Kendra Pipkin

Kierra Gray


  1. I have a great friend who has been through many trials and tribulations in her life who is an African American & an awesome fashion designer & seamstress and wants to start her own Boutique but needs to be put out there. She lives in Desoto Texas. Can you help her?


    1. Hey there! Have her reach out to our friends at CurveMonsters.org (@CurveMonsters on Instagram). They’re based here in the Dallas area and is keen on networking in the fashion industry.


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