Prayer Request

Lord knows we all go through some very trying times in our lives. Some of us are confronted with being diagnosed with fatal diseases, apartment evictions, foreclosures, sudden loss of jobs, car repossessions, depression, anxiety, death, and persecutions. If you need to have prayer or want to say something to the Lord publicly, please feel free to do so below. We reserve the right to edit text for foul language or unwarranted negativity.

Prayer Request: My ex husband and I are divorced. He gets custody of our children every other weekend. He was suppose to bring them back 8/23/15 @ 6. Instead he is keeping my children and threatened me to come on the property to get them. I found out he has a temporary restraining order filed where I can’t be anywhere around my kids. He put them in school where he resides. Told the courts I was unfit. 3 years ago, he didn’t want to do anything with or for them. Please pray I get my children back because he is a very abusive person.

Response [9/6/15]: We are indeed praying for you in this very challenging situation. Usually with a TRO, you have to be notified by the court so that you can defend yourself, so hopefully you are able to retain an attorney. We will keep you lifted in prayers. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Prayer Request: My husband left me for a Hispanic woman pray that we will be reunited.

Response [1/28/15]: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, my sister. I will pray as requested. I take it you are very much in love with him, and I hope that the outcome of this matter works very favorably for you.

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