We have a Patreon page to help you conveniently advertise with us. Read the details at the link below:

Advertise to Dallas businesses and jet set professionals

Ready to advertise, but didn’t want to do a monthly Patreon membership? Our traffic will increase exponentially based on prior years’ data. If you’re trying to introduce a product or service to the business and professional demographic across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth, this is the best method for the money! The most convenient way to advertise with us is via our Patreone page, which we wrote an article about. But we can accommodate one-time requests. Buy a post on Instagram and Facebook today! Or ask for our detailed ad rate sheet for more customized advertising across all our internet and social media platforms!


How To Advertise With Us

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Note: Next step after reading this page is to complete an Ad Campaign Order Form here!

It’s the 21st century. Is your business online yet?

Many businesses have not gotten the memo that they have to have an online presence which includes a good social media mix and simple interactive content. Part of the growing gap between the haves and have nots is directly related to the gap in online presence between the two groups. This is particularly true for minority companies that are “unplugged.”

We’re here to help.

You can advertise on our site for little during prime time hours, and we’ll provide coverage here on this site, plus Facebook (5,000 friends plus hundreds of more followers) and Instagram (@affluentblacks) as an added bonus. Fill out the form below, describing how many posts you want, and we’ll reply with an email address for you to submit your ad flyer. The best resolution is 1600 x 1200 pixels minimum. The more posts you order, the better the pricing per post. If you want a basic business page hosted here, inquire about how we can make that happen.

And if you need a full blown website, we can refer you to our partner, Samsona Software Company, Inc., a division of Samsona Corporation, with whom we are affiliated.

Contact us today to get started. Once we reply with the current Ad Rate Sheet (PDF format), you can review it and return here to complete your order!

Advertising Order Process

1. Click “Advertise” on our website
2. Fill out the form on this page
3. We respond within 24-48 hours with the latest Ad Rate sheet in PDF format
4. Review the rates and pick the ad post schedule that’s right for your budget (there’s an example in the ad rate sheet to help you)
5. Return to this page and click Ad Campaign Order Form here
6. Fill out the form with the kinds of promo items you want and submit it
7. We respond with a proposed PayPal invoice for you to pay to launch your campaign!
8. You can respond to that invoice proposal email with any ad creatives (JPG or GIF file and text) or a link to your video. Your content must meet our acceptable standards of decency and not be offensive.
9. Once you agree to the invoice item(s) and pay for it, we wait for the payment to clear before initiating your ad campaign. Therefore it would be advisable to allow ample time before desired campaign launch date or event date (at least 7 business days prior is good, 14 or more even better)!
10. That’s it! The rest is up to us to carry out your ad campaign order.


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