What Romantic Song Will You Have Playing for Your Girl on Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is not far off, so thought it would be good to help some brothas out with ideas. If you haven’t tried to break up to avoid a costly Valentine’s Day, it might be good to start planning that romantic night in advance, especially if you’re a young gentleman who probably forgot what an R&B song is. Unfortunately, with the exception of 105.7 FM and occasionally Boom 94.5 FM, the popular commercial radio rotations don’t play the hit romantic R&B tunes like they used to, which means that some younger guys are not very familiar with what to put on to set the right mood. Nope, ‘Bad and Boojee’ is not exactly romantic unless you and your girl are gun-toting drug dealers lol. Candle lit dinners with wine don’t quite go well with Young Thug or Young Ma playing in the background. Now if you two plan on going clubbin’ at Dallas’ Park Avenue or downtown Dallas later that night, you can put on Migos and Future in the car.



Fellas, you’d be surprised at how many younger women love those older romantic classics. And if you’re dating an older woman, she will be very, very impressed by your versatility in song genres. Alas, for that well-planned Valentine’s dinner at home, here are some songs you can check out on YouTube to get an idea, or you can just play our YouTube song list and save yourself that effort (this list is just some of the many classics that are guaranteed to make Valentine’s Day the best ever, and without much money):


WARNING: This is the baddest romantic song list in the history of song lists, so your girl might tackle you and pin you to the floor after you unleash this beast on her lol…

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJuJj5mnedYEBeFywXJ0hBQ75YY_UCaRN


3 Songs from the 1970s-80s era:

3 Songs from the 1990s-2000s era:

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