The Future of Black Business As We Go From Obama to Trump

Whew! The political events this week have been one heck of a ride. It has been a matter of great pride for a lot of the black community as President Obama and his family occupied the White House for the past 8 years. And now the nation has transitioned to a new administration under President Trump. Of course, many have some hesitation about the new president, but as black business entrepreneurs and professionals, we have to continue to chart a new course for our future and not let politics enslave our passions. Since Trump presents himself as pro-business, let’s hold his feet to the fire and tap into that through whatever pro-business initiatives come out of his administration. Among all the business hot spots around the country, Dallas Ft. Worth is the brightest one for opportunities, so let’s seize them.


Regardless of the person who occupies the office, we have to look out for each other, for better or worse, and keep our friends close, yet our enemies closer. It is not wise to sit on the sideline and get depressed, as some are. Such negative emotions only harm us in the long run. Instead, we have to update our strategies to reflect the new realities and make the most of it. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. In fact, many of us find motivation in adversity, so let’s tap into that energy now and make 2017 and beyond even better. Given this is a political system dominated by two parties, not one, we have to work with either party (and others besides the two) to ensure our economic vision is on track to meet our needs. Time to think outside the box. We can do it. We can make Black America great again…ourselves.

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