Styling for Men

Often it’s easy to overlook the fact that men have to attend to their clothing choices and styling sense when moving up the corporate ladder after graduating college. Dallas is one of America’s top business cities with the most corporate headquarters than any other city when you consider the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. It is also a strong entrepreneurial urban area. So while all men have challenges in the business world, black men have a few more unique challenges in certain circumstances. This means that attention to detail, despite every obstacle placed before them, has to be of paramount concern before leaving out the door to that job interview or that business proposal meeting. This page is dedicated to helping every man achieve an edge in the workplace and board rooms, and even at happy hour business social mixers like the ones we host.



Time to Tie Those Ties in Dallas-Ft. Worth


Some of us brothas need to learn how to tie a tie!


A clean hair cut and style is everything


The French Cuff Dress Shirt – Mandatory for the well dressed man!


Match your shoelaces to your ties. Modern twist to classic Mens Dress shoes.

















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