Beyond Success

You’ve achieved a good deal of measured success after putting in long hours in school and paying your dues at the bottom of the corporate ladder. You leaped over obstacles such as racism to achieve all of your success goals, hitting key performance indicators in life as well as business. A Porsche or Lamborghini later, you reflect on the toys and the 4,000 square foot house in Frisco or Desoto or the Joe Pool Lake area. Sporting nice designer threads, jet-setting to far away exotic vacations and secure in your heft bank account, your satisfaction slowly turns to the meaning of it all. Is this all there is? Is this really what life has to offer?

As you probably guessed (or not), there is indeed more to life than material things. With success comes responsibility. The more material things you achieve in life, the more willing you should be to help your fellow man who weren’t able to jump as high as you did over the tough obstacles of life. For every black professional who is able to leap frog over racism and poverty, there are 99 others who can’t (and in some cases are not willing to try, but that’s another topic). Take a moment to reflect on ways you can reach back and provide a helping hand to others less fortunate than yourself. There are still many, many single mothers in the black community (and non black ones as well) who are desperately seeking successful black men to show their sons what a true black business gentleman is all about. And we at are willing to help you help our community by providing a free page hosted on our site for 6 months free if you dedicate at least one hour a week or more through organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dallas, Single Parent Advocate, YMCA of Dallas, and local churches with a good number of single black mothers.

Also, bookmark our charities page to keep a look out for opportunities to donate time and/or money to great causes. And if you know of family members in your own family who need help, or you yourself have children by women you’re not married to and you may have been less than charitable to them, take this time to make a change and do better. (Note: credible studies show that most black fathers actually want to be more involved, so we want to provide a helping hand to fathers to do more. The same goes for mothers who want to do more for children taken care of primarily by their fathers).

Finally, regardless of your faith, try to keep your spiritual element above the material element. For Christian business professionals, you know that Jesus was not focused on wealth, and encouraged the wealthier ones among His disciples to provide housing for the poorer Christians and to provide for the ministry.

Together, we can all make this world a better place. So while you make your next purchasing decision for that Mercedes or that Condo in Deep Ellum or Cedar Hill, also think of ways you can give back and provide spiritual balance to your existence. Amen.

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