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Breaking News! Our Dallas based friends at world known CurveMonsters has once again joined with our friends at 50Plano Studios to release another exclusive VIP edition song “Don’t Mess With Me” scheduled to be released in days! You can preorder now! Listen below (explicit lyrics):


From Dallas Observer: Welcome To The Golden Age of Dallas Hip-Hop

Dorrough, Inertia and Play-N-Skillz are just some of the local hip-hop aces making big moves.

By Pete Freedman Thursday, Feb 24 2011

It happened at last: Dallas hip-hop finally started realizing its potential. Kinda went down exactly how we expected it to, too, right in the shadow of Super Bowl XLV coming to Arlington earlier this month.

No worries if you missed it—it happened quickly, and in the shadow of about a bazillion other distractions—but it happened.

While the rest of us were bogged down by weather and blinded by the stars (and minor celebrities from The CW), Dallas’ hip-hop moguls were making moves behind the scenes, once again talking about what might be their futures. This time, they finally had an audience of attentive listeners.

Read the rest at Dallas Observer


#Dallas Ft. Worth Hip Hop

#Dallas Ft. Worth Rappers

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