Young Nigerian Girl creates Location App to help lost children | IT News Africa

12-year-old Tomisin Ogunnubi (right) | via IT News Africa

Man, young girls of African descent are doing big things these days. Here’s another young entrepreneur story to inspire you for 2017…

[12-year-old Tomisin Ogunnubi] from Lagos has developed an app to solve a problem which she had noticed in her community. Tomisin finished up the development of her Android mobile tracking app, My Location, just a few weeks ago.The motivation behind the app was to help lost children find their way back home.

How it was developed:Tomision developed her app under the guidence of an Information and Communications Technology partnership, between her school, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, and New Horizons Computer Learning Center. Here, Tomision was able to learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to develop her app.

Source: Nigerian 12-year-old creates Location App to help lost children | IT News Africa – Africa’s Technology News Leader

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