A Study on Mental Health Being Conducted by a Howard University PhD Student at Baylor

By Johanna Williams

Mental health concerns in our African American community are worthy of exploration and attention. Continued research is needed to cater to families in need both underprivileged and affluent. We are currently conducting a study on caretakers in families and really need your help. $100 Visa Gift Card could be yours for just taking it.

If you are
Identify as African American/Black (Can be from African diaspora)
Emotionally, Physically, or Financially cared or are caring for a family member other than your biological child (spouse, aunt, parent, grandparent, niece, etc.)

This is for you. We would be honored to hear from you. Our research needs more diverse spread in SES and not just reports on low-income families, but ALL families.

You can help us make a difference! JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW and take the brief survey all the way to the end and be entered to win a $100.00 VISA Gift card as a thank you.



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