Motivate yourself – Why God created you in His image

By John the CEO (Facebook: (3) John Davison | Facebook)

Foreword: This specific video is geared towards the many brothas and sistas among us who are spiritual, particularly Christians. So if this isn’t you, then feel free to check out our other videos. Thanks. 

With the lowest median net worth in society, and heading towards 0 in the near future, our people have to act now to turn that around. Part of it comes from the fact that an invisible hand behind governments and big companies plotted to destroy our Black Wall Street cities over 100 years ago. They took our lands through systemic fraud, using racial violence as a smokescreen. But the other part of it is in some of the decision making we do with our careers and businesses. What is it about the way we plan and execute our futures is falling short? How can we improve it? Is it all just secular, worldly factors involved, or is there a spiritual link that is missing?

Let’s unpack that.

When things in life go wrong, it’s common to blame God automatically. And when we want a way out of bad situations, we pray that God completely take over and make things better, as if He’s a genie in a bottle. When we want a blessing in our finances, we’re taught that giving tithes to the church will give us ten times more in return. When we look for a husband or wife, we leave it completely in God’s hands to find us the perfect mate. When we want a better job, we turn it over to God to make it fall in our laps.

Is this really what God meant by creating us in His image? Are we passive people who do nothing as we wait for God to do everything? Again, is He a genie in a bottle, giving us 3 wishes? Is He a slot machine in Las Vegas where we just give Him our tithe and offering money in hopes we hit the jackpot?

You see where I’m going with this? Somewhere in our life journey in America, we have become passive Christians, expecting things to happen for us instead of making things happen. God didn’t make us in His image for us to be passive. Recall that God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th. But now, we do nothing 7 days a week, waiting on God to do it for us. That’s not being made in His image. He didn’t wait for someone else to create everything. He made it happen!

If you bought a robot to vacuum the floor, but it did nothing when you turned it on, wouldn’t you consider it useless? You would return it to the store to get another one that does what it’s supposed to do. Likewise, when you’re made in God’s image, YOU have to create. Let’s look at the Bible verse in Genesis 1 real quick:

26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Notice the verb “created” is used more than once. It also says “make man in our image.” What is that image? Well, the verses just told you: God creates stuff. Therefore the image of God is the blueprint of a creator. Now let’s skip to the New Testament:

Colossians 3:10

“And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him…”

This “new man” is us being reborn as children of God via the blueprint revealed through Jesus Christ. Until Jesus Christ came, most people drifted towards the image of Satan. Some people call this “human nature” but that’s not exactly accurate. The nature of the human is the ability to choose life or death. I won’t go down that path right now, but as we learn to be like the Creator, we have to show God that we can make decisions and act on them. This is the creation process at work in each of our lives. Just like God, we are to work several days a week, and then rest. You have to make things happen, and God will fill in where your plans fall short. We don’t wait on God to do everything for us because that defeats the purpose of creating us in His image. He creates, and so we also create.

One parable that often gets overlooked is the Parable of the Talent, also known as the Parable of the Coins. Long story short, a master gives three servants one coin each. He wants them to turn around and flip each coin into more coins. The first one went out and flipped one coin into 10 coins. The second one flipped his into 5. But the third one was hesitant and fearful, so he just put his coin in the ground, hoping his master would be ok with that. Do you guys see what’s wrong with this third guy? He didn’t create anything out of that coin. He just gave back to the master what he was given. Of course, the master was not pleased with him.

This is important. The master called him lazy. Are you lazy? We have to actively create things, plans, roadmaps, in our lives so that we are improving on what God gave us. Sitting around waiting for God to come back and flip that coin is not acceptable. We have to be proactive.

Earlier I mentioned how many of us treat giving tithes and offerings as if we were at a Las Vegas casino, hoping to hit a jackpot of blessings that returns us more money than we put in. Is that really what tithing is about? Did not Jesus Christ tell us He wanted a cheerful giver? Did the Book of Malachi speak of robbing God by not setting aside money for a physical temple, or did the temple symbolize more than the stones and bricks? Your tithes and offerings have to reflect an action on your part to help the less fortunate. As Jesus Christ told us, WE are the temple of God, not a physical building.

So if you are a struggling single parent, giving your money to a pastor, expecting to get a jackpot blessing in return, stop that. Which is more important: helping your starving child, who was made in God’s image, or giving it to a church leader who has a Rolls Royce and private jets? This is not to cast aspersions on your favorite pastors, but to help you understand that being a cheerful giver is an act of creation, not an opportunity to hit a jackpot, or making someone else richer than you. As I said earlier, our people are poor on average in this world. Therefore, we have to act in the image of God by creating a better future for us, our children and other poor people among us. You are the temple of God that needs to be restored, and your children are temples of God who need to be designed and constructed just like a building. Use what little money you have to help them first. Later, once you have chosen a better paying career, you can help your favorite church in a cheerful way. But right now, many of us are on or below the poverty line.

It is incumbent on us to act like we’re made in God’s image, and to train our children to act the same way. In a traditional family, the father acts in God’s image to provide for the family. Dad is out there creating things. And the mom’s role is to train that child what it means to be created in God’s image. The father is an earthly example of what it means to be like God, which is why the man is the head of the household. When the husband and wife come together to make a child, that is the ultimate act of creation we are designed to do. And the children need to see that, and learn from it.

Of course, in life, many fathers and mothers don’t stay together for whatever reason. But the need to train up that child to act like the image of God still remains. It just becomes tougher. So single parents have to do the best they can to impart this knowledge, so that the child does not slip into the darkness of the image of Satan. That’s right folks. If the image of God is to be a creator, then the image of Satan is to be a destroyer. So many of our children have slipped into the image of Satan because they had no proper guidance to know what it means to be the image of the Creator. Let that sink in.

Now am I trying to be a preacher up in here? Not exactly. I bring all of this up because we have been beaten into a position of weakness and indecisiveness, which has translated into the lowest median incomes and almost no net worth. We have the power through our Heavenly Father to create a new path, to forge a new journey to success. We don’t have to wait for anyone, even God, to do anything because He already put the blueprint in us when we were born, killing the image of destruction, and reinstalling the image of creation. You just need to tap back into that, which is really why Jesus Christ teaches us to be born again. We are born back into the image of God in order to create. We no longer are in the image of Satan, which has been destroying us, because the image of Satan is destruction, the opposite of creation.

Embrace this principle, and we can turn anything around. Nothing is impossible. Tap into your creator blueprint and make better decisions about your education, your career, the people in your inner circle, and your children. I hope this helped. If you agree, disagree, or have a parting thought, leave them in the comments below. Like, share, subscribe. Until the next video, my friends, take care.

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