Cali Nightmare: The Dark Gov’t Plot to Steal Bl@ck Beach Land

Yet Another Proven Example of Govt Sanction Theft of Black Owned Land

Ok, people. I’m doing this video real quick as it is a preview of a series of videos I have planned showing exactly why our people have been forced into being an economic underclass of society. Most non Blacks have never been taught these ethnic cleansing tragedies. That has to end. In this case, over 100 years ago in 1912, a promising Black family did right and bought some land in Manhattan Beach. Because of the prevalence of systemic racism where black people could not even go to most beaches, this family, the Willa and Charles Bruce family, established a beach resort for other brothas and sistas to enjoy.

I’m going to read directly from a local LA TV station report from this week:

“They suffered racist harassment from white neighbors and in the 1920s the Manhattan Beach City Council took the land away through eminent domain under the ruse of needing it for a park.

“The city did nothing with the property, however, and it eventually was transferred to the state in 1948.

“In 1995, the state transferred it to the county. That transfer came with restrictions on further transfers that can only be lifted through state legislation. A bill to do that was introduced in the state Senate earlier this year.”

Now, to my non black friends, did you catch that? For those who don’t understand what systemic, institutional racism is, this is exactly what it is. A conspiracy between the local, state and indirectly the federal govt allowed this tragedy to become institutional. And this is precisely why calculated reparations are needed. I’m not advocating that ALL white people be on the hook for reparations, or even most. But those in government are on the hook. Our federal government recently did a massive land grab, declaring lots of acreage as “federal property.” Well, they can break off some of that property and reimburse our people for not only this land theft, but lots of land thefts all over. Only repaying just for the land is not enough. The loss of the opportunity to generate revenue from these properties over the years has to be repaid as well.

I will be discussing the details in soon coming videos. Until the next video my friends, stay alert.

John the CEO in an powerful editorial against generational wealth theft from our people

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