Affluent Blacks of Dallas

Revisiting 1968’s Classic Ossie Davis Documentary ‘Inside the Negr0 Middle Class’

In another scene, another very interesting discussion about black women’s hair came up. Surprisingly, or probably not, there was a disagreement about embracing black women going natural. Pro-black sistas were all about that natural hairstyle, but sistas who owned black hair care related businesses, especially the ones that offered blond hairstyles and wigs at the time, vehemently opposed it because it would cost them revenue. I know, very interesting, right?

Helping Our Young People Survive the Lost Years

The reason our community is in last place among the 4 main American groups is in part because too many of us kick our young people out the house at 18 without a career plan or vision. As I’ve said in previous videos, our young people struggle severely during the lost years from 18 to 24 years old.

What Our Community Urgently Needs Before 2023 – YOU Can Do Better Pt 21

The biggest challenge to our community is to make the most of that critical time gap between when we leave high school, around 18 years old, and then when we choose a career, which is around 24 years of age. Too many of us don’t take this important period of time seriously, which is why we have some of the lowest median incomes and net worth of all groups. If we each improve how we plan our careers after high school, we will make a tremendous impact on our incomes, net worth, and how the powerful people who run this world system pays attention to our voices as a result. Pay attention…