What’s Our MLK 2023 Scorecard in Terms of Incomes and Net Worth?

Hey, people, it’s your Motivation Minute. I’m John the CEO…

How are we doing so far, brothas and sistas?

Here’s our MLK Scorecard:

As of Sept 30, 2022, here’s our weekly median income was:

Asian Men: $1,656

Asian Women: $1,177

White Men: $1,134

White Women: $990

Brothas: $992

Sistas: $830

We have to match or exceed $1,700 a week for brothas, and $1,200 a week for sistas

Average net worth as of 2019:

White: $188,200

Other races: $74,500

Latino: $36,200

Black: $24,100

% of workers in STEM careers (2021):

White: 67

Asian: 13

Black: 9

Hispanic: 8

Brothas and Sistas in STEM Majors (2021):

6.8% in STEM Master’s Programs

3.7% in STEM Doctoral Programs

“Mathematics scores for Black, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Native students persistently lag behind the scores of their White and Asian peers.”

“…many groups of Americans remained underrepresented among S&E degree recipients. Blacks were underrepresented at all degree levels, whereas Hispanics and American Indians and Alaska Natives were underrepresented at all but the associate’s degree level”

Until the next video, take care brothas and sistas.

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