New Year, New Career. Stop Picking Low Paying Jobs My People

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation to kick off 2023:

This title might sound simple, or even sound like a corny new year resolution. Just stop picking low paying, minimum wage jobs in 2023. And I’m sure there will be some who might take offense to this and explain why they had to. Hey, I get it. But you have to admit that if you had a sequence of events in your life to where you had no choice but to get a minimum wage job, then we as a community need to address that. Why?

Because our community is in last place among the 4 main racial groups when it comes to median incomes and net worth. If your only chance at getting a raise depends on getting an act of Congress to force your boss to pay more, then YOU are in the wrong station in life. Let 2023 be the year YOU, yes you, take charge of your life and finances by putting together a plan to get out of that low paying, struggle job.

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The good news is you live in America, where there is some kind of a path out of that struggle. As you already see in the news, waiting on Congress to get anything takes forever. Look at reparations. California is the only government that has at least provided a tangible path to propose a framework for coming up with an amount for reparations and how it would be distributed. Of course, don’t hold your breath on it going much further, but it’s a next step. I bring this up because whenever I see comments and posts from our people about having the government raise minimum wage, I immediately think “how did we get to a point where we are begging for money from the very institution that helped put us in this situation in the first place? Think about that

And many of us who are begging don’t even bat an eye.

Some of us think this is the way to go. No, my people, no! As I’ve said in previous videos, too many of us end up in dead end jobs because no one teaches us how important it is at 18 to 24 years old to pick the right high paying majors. When we graduate high school, many of us know that getting a college degree or trade school training can be good, but some of us don’t end up doing either of these. That’s how a lot of us end up in minimum wage jobs, struggling to pay bills, can’t afford to raise a healthy family, often on the brink of eviction.

Where do we go wrong? [Watch the rest in the video above]

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