RIP Shalonda Lofton: How Did it Go from a Food Tab Dispute to a Deadly Shooting?

How did a simple disagreement over a food transaction quickly escalate into the tragic and avoidable loss of the life of a 32 year old Dallas mother of 3?

Hey, my business people. In today’s Special Report:

This past weekend, in the early morning hours of June 25, a fatal shooting occurred at nationally known XTC Club here in Dallas, Texas. According to several reports, the Dallas Police are investigating. However, several influential Dallas area news outlets have unfortunately reported on the club security side of the story (as of this posting date), without the proper journalistic balance for the deceased. In my opinion, they should not have done this because now, they have people around the country calling this late mother, Shalonda Lofton, all kinds of terrible, racially insensitive names that are simply unfair to her, her family and friends. They should have withheld the club’s side of the story if they weren’t going to report the other side of the story.

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So in this video, I’m going to provide some balance by focusing on the trigger that started the sequence of deadly events that has left this young lady’s children without their mother. That trigger was a simple clash of business events, between the club needing to clear customers out by 5am, and a business transaction that involved Shalonda and her friends trying to either get the food they ordered, or their money back, before they leave. I gathered this side of the story from a petition started by family and friends with the goal of shutting down XTC. I also read posts from witnesses, family and friends. Shout out to them for fighting to have her side of the story heard. A couple of news outlets also reported that there was a dispute over the amount of money Shalonda expected from the club staff.

Now let’s look at the club’s history…

XTC History

I gathered some history on XTC as they have been quite naughty over the years, where fatalities were involved. How many remember Jason Hill, who was reportedly shot dead with 22 rounds fired by XTC security guards on News Years Day 2019, as he was trying to back out of the parking lot? In another case, on Cinco de Mayo 2018, Jalen Bell was allegedly attacked by a group of white security guards employed by XTC, where, while punching and stomping them, one of the guards used the N word. The pics of his injuries are quite graphic. In 2017, 23-year-old John Carlo Casiano-Torres and a woman he was with were both shot outside the club. Casiano-Torres was shot in the chest and later died, while the woman was shot in the leg but survived. And then a fatal shooting by 43 yr old David McMillan last year occurred there, this time not involving XTC security, but still just outside the club. 32 year old Gregory Chandler died.

This is also the same club where that exotic pole dancer fell down the 15 foot stripper pole, breaking all kinds of bones, a story that went so viral that TMZ and mainstream media worldwide picked it up. That body count is too high, people. Oh yeah, I got a good memory. If I do a follow up video, I’ll go into more details of the history of this club. In this brief video, I want to focus just on the sequence of events leading to Shalonda not being among the living anymore.

I have to start by saying these are allegations as I was not there. I have been to the club before with friends, so I’m familiar with it, though I’m not really a fan of strip clubs in general as I think their business model stinks. One of the areas they fail in is in customer service, which is the key failure here.

Step 1: It’s 5am. The club has to close. Anyone who has ever shut a club down as a guest or staff knows that around 15 to 20 minutes before it’s time to close, the lights come on and the staff start telling customers it’s time to go. If some club goers hang out at or a minute after time to close, the staff will then step up the pressure to leave.

That’s understandable.

However, here’s step 2: Shalonda and her friends let it be known to the staff that they ordered food in the amount of $60 to $85 that they hadn’t received yet, either in part or in full. It appears more than one entrée was ordered. They had already paid their money but got nothing in return. So we have two business events clashing: the club shut down event, and the food order event. In most restaurants, this is an easy fix: Let those customers with an outstanding order stay in until the order is fulfilled, or if push comes to shove, refund their money.

Unfortunately, Club XTC’s alleged customer service failure leads us to step 3: The club security staff disregarded or ignored the failure to fulfill Shalonda’s food order, and physically harassed her and her friends to get them to leave. Shalonda did a Facebook Live of the events leading to the harassment. At first, she was just making a simple request about the unfulfilled food order. At one point in the live stream, Shalonda is seen lighting a cigarette to probably calm her nerves, but a security staff pulls the cigarette out of her mouth abruptly. Then a scuffle happens with one of her friends off camera, to which Shalonda said something like “that’s assault! You just assaulted her. That’s a lawsuit!” I applaud her for mentioning a lawsuit, because I advise all of you who end up in this kind of situation to resort to suing their azzes so you can live to fight another day. By her saying this about suing them, that gives us an indication of her frame of mind, that she was ready to leave and sue later.

Sadly, her attempt to depart leads us to step 4: As you can see in the live stream, though they really wanted either their food or money, they were just ready to leave. At some point, there was another scuffle, and her phone drops. My question is: If the first harassment by security staff prompted Shalonda and her friends to just leave, why not just leave them alone at that point? So many people jumped to conclusions about Shalonda without asking this question. I, like many of you, saw the initial news reports of Shalonda’s car allegedly running into or over the security guards, and thought there was possible justification for self defense. But then, after reading so many of her family, friends and even some witnesses saying there’s more to the story, I did what I advise many of you to do before jumping to permanent conclusions: dig deeper.

Step 5: Shalonda and her friends managed to get in their car and some reports said the security staff sprayed mace on them right before they entered the car, potentially obstructing their vision. If true, then this could explain the possible disorientation in driving, which has not been confirmed yet. But again, why spray mace, allegedly, if they were getting in their car and ready to leave? Security guards, just like police officers, have to de-escalate a situation, especially when it involves a non life threatening disagreement over a bar tab. I get it, you didn’t like her being there, and she didn’t like the fact you tried to kick her out without fulfilling her order. But cooler heads should have prevailed.

To wrap up, in the video released to the press, the club security staff used the footage to supposedly prove that Shalonda allegedly threatened their lives with her car, and that they shot her to protect others. But the video does not indicate that. It indicates security tried to get in front of the car to either keep her from leaving or keeping her from going the wrong direction, as news reports initially stated. Either way, this kind of statement indicates either a lawyer or cop (perhaps one of the guards is an off duty officer) said that to cover their tracks, allegedly. The wise thing to do was to simply let the car go and call 911 if you think the public is in danger by the car. The shooting was not necessary at all.

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I know there will still be those out there who are ready to blame this young mother anyway, but keep in mind, it was 5am, she and her friends were hungry, tired, probably a little lit like everyone else, and just wanted their food or refund so they could go home. A simple business policy geared towards customer service could have easily accommodated her complaint separately while getting everyone else out of the club. But the security staff, in my opinion, was too aggressive and trigger happy, and club management need to go to business school to learn how to operate a business in a more customer centered fashion. I have yet to see a strip club operate using sound business principles, though there are perhaps a few out there somewhere. If you’ve seen my video series “You can do better,” I often repeat that this world loves money more than they love me and you, and that businesses generally love money more than people. Too many strip clubs tend to operate on that dark principle.

The federal judge who overturned the attempt by the Dallas City Council’s ban on late night strip club operations not too long ago now has blood on his or her hands as, had that ordinance been in effect, Shalonda would be here. I hate to see any business shut down as I do believe in making money as a business, but I think it’s time for XTC to be shut down. If they somehow catch wind of this video and want to counter my commentary, I certainly welcome their rebuttal. I also call on the news media to return to sound journalistic practices and not run with one sided stories where you leave the surviving family and friends to both grieve, mourn and defend a victim’s honor. That’s another disgusting side effect of this story.

My Shalonda rest in peace, and may her children grow up as best they can, given the circumstances. In Jesus’ name, amen. Until the next video, brothas and sistas, take care.

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