Worked @ Burger King 27 Yrs, Only Gets Cheap Movie Ticket and Candy Like a Kid!

This brotha, a single father of 4, Worked @ Burger King for 27 long years without taking a day off, and all he got from them to show their appreciation was a dog gone Cheap Movie Ticket and Candy like he’s a kid!

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

When this story about Burger King came to my attention this morning, I just had to respond to reinforce why it is important for our people to improve the way we choose careers so we can avoid disrespectful situations like this one. Just to recap, this dedicated, hardworking brotha has been working at Burger King for 27 years as both a cook and cashier. So he was working 2 jobs for the price of 1! Oh my goodness. This loyal brotha, who was granted full custody of his 2 oldest daughters many years ago, which led him to get this job so he could take care of them, never missed a day of work in all that dog gone time. Btw, he also has two other daughters he’s taking care of. And to show their appreciation to him, guess what Burger Slave gave him?

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Let’s roll the clip so you can see for yourself how Burger Slave showed their appreciation for this dedicated brotha…

[play clip]

As you can see, after 27 years of nonstop work, all he got in that bag was one measly movie ticket, a dog gone cheap azzz Starbucks cup, and some kid’s candy in a plastic drawstring backpack. What the heck is going on round here? That’s some bull-ish! I wish a company would hand something like that to me. I would sue them for public humiliation and severe distress lol. Remember that one Chris Rock joke where he said all father’s get on father’s day is a big piece of chicken? Well fast forward to this brotha on father’s day, and you see what he got from the company!

As you can imagine, once this story hit social media, it went viral, according to Business Insider, Yahoo News and TMZ lol. You know your PR dept F’d up when all three of these big dogs helps an already viral Tik Tok video go insane on another level. Even David Spade of Saturday Night Live fame felt so bad for this brotha that he donated $5,000 to a GoFundMe setup by this brotha’s excellent daughter. And that fund has reached over $100k! Ooh wee! Burger Slave had to hurry up and respond to this madness.

Now, to be fair and balanced, Burger Slave came back and, according to Business Insider, said this:

Burger King addressed the criticism it’s received in a statement: “The Burger King brand and its many franchisees nationwide are committed to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of the thousands of people serving across a wide range of roles — all dedicated to providing our Guests a world-class experience.”

“The fast food chain clarified to PEOPLE that the gift in the viral video was a “reward in recognition of a short-term positive performance/experience.”

“It assured PEOPLE that there is a “robust employee recognition program” for such milestones.”

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I’m not going to call Burger Slave a liar, but I do sense a lot of cap here. Why? Because if they really did have a “robust employee recognition program for significant employee milestones,” they would have given this brotha something once he hit the 25 year mark. [play the game over sound effect].

This is an embarrassing PR nightmare for the fast food chain. But they are not alone. In general, companies love money more than they love us. My regular viewers heard me say that time and time again. For corporations, business is war, and war generals don’t care for human life. Companies that really do care for employees should already have software that tracks employee milestones and give them appropriate recognition for loyalty and dedication that is commensurate with their overall effort and hard work.

This world loves money, and we have to come to realize that sooner rather than later.

But to wrap up, let’s go back 27 years in this brotha’s history. We don’t know the amount of desperation that led him to take this job, other than the fact he was just awarded full custody of 2 very young daughters. Did the mother ghost him after the 2nd one was born when he had nothing? Perhaps. I don’t know his academic background, but for anyone in a similar situation, you’ll have to do your best to set aside spare time after work to find scholarships or other financial resources and go for a STEM major at a 2 year community college. It’s going to require sacrifice, but anything in life that is worth having will require some sacrifice and painful days. But don’t let yourself get too comfortable in a dead end job like this one.

As you see, these companies don’t care about you. They SAY they do only as a PR stunt. But in reality, they simply don’t care. Otherwise, as in this case, Burger Slave would have already shown their appreciation to him 2 years ago when he hit the 25 year anniversary, never taking a day off. That’s disgusting. I remember reading a story years ago of a lady who had worked at the same company for almost 50 years. The day before she was set to retire, the company held an anniversary celebration for her, and everyone was all smiles. But after that event, they gave her some gold watch or something like that, but terminated her employment to avoid all that retirement liability. That’s how a world that loves money treats you, so don’t put yourselves in that position. Take charge of your future right now. Get into STEM careers and watch and share my other videos.

Until the next video, brothas and sistas, take care.

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He’s Worked for the Company for Almost 3 Decades and Has Never Called Out!!!😵‍💫🥺😱😭 #Grateful #Dads #FathersDay #Loyalty #Honor #WorkersUnite #Rewards #Thankful #NorrinRadd777 #theKeep777

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