Jayda Cheaves Said ‘Women Control the World! – Is it True?

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

In May 2022, social media fashion and beauty influencer Jayda Cheaves made a pretty bold statement about women that went viral. I read some of the comments below the video, and they got pretty interesting. I’ll set aside the age old men vs women debate. What I want to focus on is her comment that women run the world, they control everything, they make the world spin. Over a decade ago, Beyonce made a popular song saying the same thing, that girls run the world.

Lol aww, sorry ladies. Looks like the numbers don’t lie. I’m not sure what world she was talking about, but in this world, y’all got some more work to do before making such a bold claim. If you’ve watched my video in this ‘You Can Do Better’ series, you probably know where I’m going with this. Since this whole virus thing popped off in 2020, the world has been transforming everything using digital automation and enhanced infrastructure. To make this world spin, as Jayda says, you have to master the technology and engineering that runs modern society.

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If you go back and watch my videos, I have encouraged sistas to embrace STEM careers instead of of dusty passion majors. In the last video, I showed how, unfortunately, too many sistas are taking on astonishing, crippling levels of student loan debt to fuel post graduate degree dreams that often turn into nightmares. As a result, I hate to report that sistas are in last place when it comes to median incomes and first place when it comes to excessive student loan debt.

Don’t hate the messenger: these stats are widely available across mainstream media and all respected academic sources.

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I’m sure Jayda was caught up in the moment, turnin’ up for her followers while in her car, but a lot of sistas do believe they run the world and are taking over. But ladies, what does this mean, exactly, given what the stats actually say? Let’s humble ourselves and get to work turning these stats around.

STEM skills run the world. In the last video, I mentioned how China and India have emphasized education, and particularly STEM education, for decades, and it is paying off. In my line of work, which is cloud computing, I help companies digitally automate all their manual processes, which is why I have been sounding the alarm to our community to be prepared for some uncomfortable times ahead.

Most of my co workers are mostly Indians, then Chinese and White.

I see us every now and then, mostly brothas, hardly any sistas in the hardcore tech jobs (and I have helped a few sistas break into the industry but haven’t seen them in over 15 years). I see sistas as project managers or HR advisors, maybe a few in recruiting and sales, but not the actual technical work. Sistas, I know firsthand there’s no one or nothing stopping you but you, so come and let’s network and get more of you, and other brothas, in the game. Don’t let the thought of racism and sexism make you not try. I don’t see anyone stopping any sista or brotha from doing anything, and even if you encounter it, it’s just another obstacle that can be easily overcome if you network with more established brothas like myself.

Continuing, I see Hispanics slightly more, especially the Spanish variant of Hispanics. Among the Asians, I see a good representation of women who know their technology, especially Indian women. Of all the women who could make a good case for running the world, I would say it is Indian women. Lol of course, they don’t make such boastful claims. They just humbly and quietly take over technology.

It would be good to see more sistas, and brothas, do the same. No need in making claims you can’t really back up with facts. Instead, follow my advice and start getting into STEM careers where the money is at. For instance, many sistas love fashion, so they go to fashion schools, rack up huge debts, and then try their best to compete with the other millions of fashion school graduates for a few low paying spots in the industry. But how many sistas actually try to dominate the field of fashion supply chain technology? Yeah, y’all forget that in order to ship clothes from the Asian sweatshops to American retails stores takes a complex order entry and fulfillment system that relies on cloud based supply chain management. I know all that stuff because I know the popular software systems used in moving fashion units. Supply chains move products from warehouses to retail stores. I know we got brothas in trucking, and I encourage them to learn the technology aspects of their industry to plug into this supply chain automation.

What about the sistas who buy hair from China wholesale in order to sell to customers here? While so many sistas are competing to sell hair, why haven’t I seen any sistas dominating the hair supply chain using technology? I did a video over a year ago where I exposed exactly how sistas lost the hair business to their Asian competitors going all the way back to the 1970s. I highly recommend sistas watch it. But in a follow up video, I put the idea out there that sistas can learn the digital automation going on in global supply chain technology so that y’all can level the playing field with the dominant Asian distributors who have reportedly kept black businesses from getting any foothold in the wholesale and distribution part of the hair supply chain.

Now if you really want to run the world, run the supply chain world in fashion, hair and beauty first. And I would even advise to dominate the supply chain technology in healthcare and education as well, since many of you work in those industries, too. Then that will help you increase your median incomes and pay down that massive student loan debt many of you are burdened with. I’m going to say it again, sistas, y’all don’t need all those graduate degrees like you think. Most of them have been shown to be useless and a scam.

To dominate supply chain technology, you can do it with an associates degree and a few technical certifications in various cloud and digital technologies like Azure and AWS. These certificates are way less expensive than grad school. Some are as low as $100, and if you need classroom training and practice, those courses are usually a few hundred dollars. You don’t need many certificates, and there is financial assistance out there.

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So if you want to make Jadya’s cocky claim of having a shot at being true, then take my advice in this video and you will be well on your way. But lose the arrogance cuz success minded business people let their work speak for itself. Until the next video, my business warriors, take care.

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