Non STEM Grad Degrees Lead to Endless Debt! You Can Do Better Pt 11

Would you rack up nearly $18,000 in student loan debt for a Happiness Studies major at a university? For that kind of money, I can just go to happy hour at a 5 star hotel lounge and study the rich people that come in their drinking expensive shots lol. What about $80,000 for a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution? For a fraction of that cost, I can resolve your conflicts without that student loan debt, which will leave me in perpetual conflict mode, ticked off that I wasted all that money. Colleges and universities just host these futile job fairs when you’re a junior or senior, then hand you the bill and say “best wishes on your job search.” That’s ridiculous. Let’s discuss this problem.

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation, I want us to stop making career choices that keep our median income in last place among all groups. We have the power to turn things around right now. Please like share and subscribe to keep this channel growing and to help us become number one in median incomes…

If you’ve been watching my videos in this college major and career series, you should know by now the answer to the question. I’m going to say something I want you to write down and memorize: If your major is not directly tied to a career that pays above the national median income for all people, then you are wasting both your time and money. I’ll repeat: If your major is not directly associated with a career that pays, you deserve the unemployment and poverty that will result.

Sadly, these colleges and universities are walking contradiction because they tell you you can be whatever you want to be as long as you pay them. People, that is a big conflict of interest, which is a major red flag. Don’t get defrauded.

It is quite the coincidence that as I am doing this video series during graduation season that I came across an article yesterday in Business Insider that perfectly says what I’ve been saying in this series: that in most cases, many master’s degree programs, and some 4 year degree programs, are simply a waste of money and have either no return on investment, or actually cost you more than they’re worth in the long run. When it comes to master’s degrees, women, including you sistas out there, make up 60% of the students going into massive student loan debt. Ladies,

with all due respect, ask yourselves: are you getting useless master’s degrees to validate a shortcoming, or are you 100% certain you can make more money than the loan you took out? The numbers don’t lie: with the lowest median incomes, your master’s degrees are not paying off. There are always tiny, rare exceptions, but if you do the math on the return on investment, you will find that most of you are getting ripped off. You may worship that master’s degree lambskin as a personal accomplishment, but if that lambskin ain’t turning into green benjamins, then what are you doing? You should go into $60,000 of debt to feel good about yourself. You can pay me $5,000 and I’ll come and run your bath water while tutoring you on whatever STEM skill you like that will easily land a job paying more than what you pay me lol.

Ok let’s dive into some quotes from the article. I’m going to switch to reading mode so you can read along with me as I go through most of the article, then I’ll come back with final thoughts.

[Ending, get back on video]

As you saw, there are some dumb azzz majors at some of these universities, especially at the graduate program level. I know it feels good to achieve great academic success, but at what cost? Are you accumulating tens of thousands of dollars of debt just to impress yourself and your family and friends?

That’s not how smart hustlas think. Everything you do in school, whether trade school or university, should lead directly to money, not simply feeling good. As I said in previous videos, look at how countries like China, India, and some in Africa approach education. It’s not about feeling good, but excelling at STEM careers. STEM majors have a high chance at, not only higher paying careers, but also becoming the foundation of your own business.

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Please, people. We are in last place when it comes to median incomes. If we were a sports team, and any of your were the head coach, how would you switch things up to help us become number 1? If I were the head coach, I’d fire most of us from picking majors as we just suck at it lol. No more picking majors just to feel good, or because your cousin is making money doing hair. We are in an economic war, so we have to choose STEM weapons to compete. Let’s make sure our young people entering college are equipped with this knowledge. In upcoming videos, I will launch a “Nightmares in Career Choices” mini series where I will frighten you with the outcomes of dumb majors that many people think are fun or passionate.

Until the next video, brothas and sistas, take care.


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