Re-Imagining Juneteenth Plus Related DFW Events

June 19, 1865…A day that lives in infamy among many of us. To re-quote from last year’s article:

But we made it and celebrate with you this first national holiday edition of a long standing tradition, with Galveston, TX, being ground 0 for Texas slaves being notified. Did you know that it actually took several years to hammer out the legal bureaucracy of the freedom from 1863 until about 1870? Man, justice was slow (and in some cases, still is).

Our article from Juneteenth 2021

The time period from May 31, which is when Negro Wall Street (aka Black Wall Street) in Tulsa was systemically wiped off the face of the map, and June 19, when our ancestors were notified way late about the end of slavery, should be labelled “Restitution Season” from now on. Why? Because Tulsa, for us, was a city symbolizing the height of what we accomplished since the 1860s, only to have the same government that supposedly “freed” us turn right around and destroy our prized cities.

So these two dates should be inextricably linked in our minds as a 20-day season, focused on how we will get true restitution for all that was unlawfully taken or destroyed. Keep that in mind.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend (Full event list here)…

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