You Can Do Better #5 – Browsing Majors. Think Before You Pick a Struggle Major!

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

Think Before You Pick a Struggle Major!

At a glance, the jobs included on this list are as follows:

Job titleMedian annual Salary
Web developer$77,200
Dental hygienist$77,090
Registered nurse$75,330
Diagnostic imaging worker$70,380
Radiographers and MRI technologist$63,710
Respiratory therapist$62,810
Occupational therapy assistant$60,950
Computer network support specialist$55,510
Paralegal and legal assistant$52,920
Real estate agent$51,220

*All data sourced from the BLS (January 2022) unless otherwise stated 

Over these past few videos, I’ve been discussing all these higher paying jobs that don’t always require a 4 year degree. I went over how there are over 400,000 tech jobs on the market looking for people. Now the next step is for us to go over the steps you would take to look for a higher paying career that is a close fit to what you want to do. Notice I said “close fit” instead of “passion.” Let me repeat this for the people in the back: Unless you can look at your bank account and see 6 figures or more just sitting there ready to spend, you better not be out here picking passion majors. Those are the kinds of struggle majors that will have you working at a fast food joint, call center or retail store paying a big azzz student loan debt lol. No no no no. According to the stats, we ain’t got that much savings or median income, so passion majors will only have you applying for pay day loans to get your babies some cheap toys for Christmas.

But I will do two roles. I will first browse a local DFW area community college looking for a major that lands a passion job like most of you go for, and then one that leads to a higher paying job. Although I’m in the Collin College district in Plano, north of Dallas, I like Tarrant County College’s website as it not only shows the various majors, but also the expected income you might get after graduating, plus the cost to complete the courses. To me, this is one of the best college websites I’ve seen and I wish all colleges did this. So my hats off to Tarrant County College for doing a great job by keeping it real with the student, who is the customer.

Before I get into that, it hasn’t even been even half a day since I uploaded my last video, discussing how the Great Resignation has led to over 400,000 high tech jobs being available. The US Labor Stats agency reports that 4.5 million Americans simply walked off their jobs last month alone. But I’m going to give you a little inside tip: The news media is not telling you the whole story.

This “resignation” event they keep talking about is not exactly only a bunch of people walking off their jobs. These big companies and industries are quietly automating as many human jobs as they can get away with. How do I know this? Because I am one of those cloud computing experts who is helping them do it. When you hear about the digital revolution going on in business, that’s just a euphemism for them replacing as many of your current jobs as they can. I’ll leave it there for now because of these YouTube algorithms. You’ve been warned, so these series of videos I’m doing is not me just being helpful. Our very existence depends on us getting ready and getting ahead of this technology revolution before we get swept away.

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