You Can Do Better #6 – Yo Mama Sacrificed for Your Education So You Can Do Better Than Her

Wait! Before You Choose That Struggle Major Watch THIS

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

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It’s May, that time of year when young whipper snappers graduate some kind of school. Time to think boss moves for life. But please watch this video before making a big financial mistake that will effect the rest of your life! Or make sure someone you know who needs real guidance on what to do next watches this video first. It’s time to do better to increase our low median incomes.

Now the title is focused on mama because most of us gravitate to her for various reasons, but dads are very important, too. We tend to forget that every year on father’s day, but I bring this up because I’m gonna tell you a bit about my life journey and how I got to be the business and career gentleman I am today.

Think about your parents, whether you had both or one. They sacrificed a lot for you to do better than they did, or at least that’s the untold reason they took care of the bills while raising you up to be who you are today.

In the case of those with a single mom, just think of all the hard days she spent working 2 or 3 jobs, saving money to put you through whatever college she could afford. Reminisce on the sleepless nights she had after work, crying to herself silently before going to the next job in a couple of hours. Day in and day out, just struggling and sacrificing from sun up till sun down for you, so that you don’t have it as hard as she did.

If you’ve watched my videos in this series, you should already know where I’m going with this…yeah…

When you turned 18 or graduated school, there your exhausted mom was, watching you walk onstage to get your diploma. And after all the celebration, she took you out to eat before you partied with your friends, or whatever it is you did after graduation. When the dust settled, it was time to consider the next phase of your life journey, which includes making mama proud and using her hard earned resources to pick a college major or trade to upgrade your life. But what do many of you do with all that hard work? “I wanna major in psychology because I love people and I’m a people person.”

Oh my goodness. Good grief. Are you serious? Why, dummy, why? That’s a slap in yo mama’s face. This cruel world don’t care if you’re a people person. They don’t pay money for your feelings.

Yo mama didn’t endure all those years of slaving away, blood sweat and tears, so that you pick a dog gone struggle major that will have you slaving away like her. And then you have kids who will see you struggle until they repeat the same dam cycle. And black median incomes stay the dog gone same. Stop that.

If this is you, then it sounds like you might need a role model. I’ll be that. How did I become who I am? My mom, bless her heart, she is no longer with us as of September 2020, was a big influence in who I am. My dad was in the household, too, as I’ll describe in a bit. But all you moms out there, listen up: when I was still in her stomach long ago, some lady at a store told her she should read books to me before birth. Where they do that at in those days lol?

My mom thought that was a good idea, and the rest is history. I’ve been a reading machine ever since, and quite the intellectual. Reading books to unborn babies was not a thing way back then like it is now. My parents were just a blue collar married couple. But my dad’s assembly line job, which is a trade by the way, paid all the bills consistently. My mom could not keep a job long because someone would piss her off eventually, and that was all she wrote lol. She didn’t take crap off anyone. So though my dad was not perfect, his steady income provided the foundation for building a great life journey. That’s why I say don’t underestimate the role of dads in their children’s lives, no matter how imperfect you think we are. It takes both mom and dad to give children the best shot at life.

My now partially paralyzed older sister played a role in my success because, during high school, she would go off to these fun summer programs with Upward Bound to great California universities. That was back when Cali was fun lol. She learned math and engineering stuff, which I had a knack for. So I pressed her about the program, and I joined the next summer. That’s the catalyst I needed. But then the director of that summer program told us, while looking at me in particular, something like this:

“Stick with computers because they are the future.”

We take laptops and desktops for granted today, but back in the 1980s, a computer career was not common yet. For some reason, when he said that, it stuck with me, and as we see, he was exactly right. Not only are computers the future, computer automation is replacing everything rapidly. All retail store jobs will be automated sooner than you think. Call center jobs are easily being automated now. Don’t assume you’re so smart at your job that computers won’t automate it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are way more advanced than you know. Thus our community has to stay one step ahead right now.

And so I’m telling you: Cloud computing automation is the future. Robotic automation is the future. Self driving cars, trucks, and trains are the future. Self flying planes and drones are the future. In fact, we been had self self flying planes for a while. Every time you see a pilot sleeping in the cockpit, now you know why. Airplanes are essentially self flying drones that need government mandated human pilots to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Before I wrap this video up, I wanna stress that I understand the temptation to pick majors you’re passionate about. In fact, I love world history so much that I dam near majored in it back in the day. I got accepted to the University of Southern California, aka USC, in History. Ironically, my daughter would later graduate from that same school. I had just left the University of Cali at Berkeley after my sophomore year, due to a financial aid mix-up that left me high and dry, and I was still trying to figure life out.

I was passionate about history, but common sense told me that computers and business would pay the bills, so I politely declined and stuck to my mission, later graduating OU with a degree mixed with both business and computers, with some advanced math thrown in there. Three years after graduating in the mid 1990s, I was already making 6 figures. Pause right there…I landed a consulting contract in Atlanta and man, that was a great year as southern hip hop and uppity Atl negroes were taking off in 1995 lol. Those were the days.

And guess what happened anyway? I still read my favorite history books and am just as much a historian as the best educated historians out there. See how that works? I also create music in my spare time, which is another hobby. I like to create and edit videos given my visual art hobby, and you’re seeing the fruit of that talent in this video. I had more than enough money to pursue my passion in just 3 years after graduating college. Not that I’m not passionate about computers since I do like tinkering with nerdy stuff, but I also do history, music, and graphics on the side. I even made thousands of dollars in these side hobbies while still making that main bag from my major consulting clients.

Ok dog gonnit, I hope that gives you some dog gone motivation to keep your mission temporarily separate from your passion, unless you’re a millionaire. Pick a major or trade that, although it may not be your first passion, it nevertheless interests you without leaving you to struggle after leaving school. I don’t wanna see any of you working $12 an hour jobs, getting pay day loans for Christmas or birthday gifts for your struggling children. Follow my example, ok? Please share this video with as many people as you know who are either graduating school and don’t know what to do next, or are in low paying jobs and are thinking of making the right change to get paid much more. Until the next video in this series, stay on your purpose and make mama (and daddy) proud. Take care.

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