You Just Graduated, What’s Next – A STEM Job or Unemployment? YOU Can Do Better Pt 7

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

You Just Graduated, what’s next – A STEM Job or Unemployment?

Awww, y’all look so cute these days with your graduation cap and gown, throwin’ up in the air, wavin’ em like you just don’t care. I’m so proud of you. Have fun at all the graduation parties.

Now once the fun is over and it’s time to plan the rest of your life, what trade school or college major will you choose?

If you pick a struggle major, then just go ahead and setup 3 field trips so that you know what’s next once you graduate:

  1. Unemployment Office
  2. Welfare Agency
  3. Public Housing Office

Don’t go from a happy graduate to an unemployed loser! You put in all that work to complete high school or college, only to throw it all away on either a struggle job or struggle college major. If you’ve seen my previous videos, you know good and dog gone well what I’m talkin about.

Let me refresh your memory. Black folks have some of the lowest median incomes, where brothas make only $42k a year, while sistas do less, at $35k a year. Ok, all that dog gone talk about boss chicks and independent women, and this is all you got?

Look. I want us to do better, men and women. What is so alluring about a major in theater, or dance, or music? I don’t get it. These are instant struggle majors that will take you from the graduation walk to the unemployment office walk, flipping EBT cards to wealthier people like me so you can make ends meet in your government subsidized housing. I’m seriously trying to help y’all get up on game so you can avoid this endless cycle of struggling.

To be successful, you have to already have a winning mindset. You need a plan, something to execute to get you from where you are now, to where you really wanna be. If you were not born into a wealthy family, then why the heck are you picking passion majors that make you feel good and impress your uneducated friends, but in a year or two, you’re relying on government benefits to make ends meet?

Just say no to the government!

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This is even more urgent for my young brothas out there who may not have a wise, mature grown male role model to lean on. As a man, you have to be a winner out here, otherwise, this society will spit you out. You can’t afford to get all in your feelings trying to pursue a struggle passion major because it makes you feel good. Your mission is not to get a degree or certificate, but to add commas to your bank account. This goes for both brothas and sistas.

We keep wondering when the government is going to help us, but F that. You need to seize this moment to get what’s yours. There is a big shift towards automation in society, and there are way more jobs available without enough workers. Translation: 2022 is our year to come up, my people! We don’t have much time to wait around. STEM will get you IN!
So once again, let’s take a look at some STEM job options, college curriculum, trade school stuff, so that you can get up and get out there! I want to see more of you a year from now, God willing, at a social networking function with me at an upscale spot.

Let’s get into it…[Watch the video for the rest and follow our YouTube Channel!]

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