Your Career Success Gets The World’s Respect! YOU Can Do Better Pt 8

Hey, my business people. In today’s Lessons for Business and Motivation:

Your Career Success Gets The World’s Respect

Back at it again. Told you I’m gonna be a pitbull about this. You and I both know you can do better after you graduate. I came across yet another source online trying to tell y’all what I’ve been saying: There is a new era automation and other higher income jobs right now, paying way more than you’re making, that don’t have to take 4 years or more to make $70k or more a year. Did you hear me? Let me say it again for the slow ones in the back:

You can complete a 1 or 2 year trade or associates degree major to earn more to make $70k or more a year.

Pause right there. Think what you can do with that kind of money next year, if you just make a simple plan to sign up for one of these certification or associates degree programs this summer. If you’re in a flat income job, you can still switch it up. Imagine if all working age brothas and sistas watched my videos, went out there, and by Fall of next year, push our median incomes to be the highest in the nation? Do you know what will happen?

Your favorite political leaders will finally listen to your broke butts! Lol that’s right. This world loves money. I’m not sure why more of you don’t understand how important that expression is, especially given that most of you identify as being some kind of Christian. Jesus Christ said that, but y’all don’t hear him though.

What does that mean?

Dog gone it, that means that the government WILL ignore you if you have little money. If you have the lowest median incomes, they won’t care about reparations. They won’t care about all the lost Black Wall Streets. They won’t care about credit and insurance redlining. They won’t care about improving your neighborhoods. I could go on, and on. You get the picture.

In a world this is corrupt and is obsessed with money, the ones who hold power simply hate poor people. That’s why Jesus Christ said the poor will always be among us. Am I preaching now lol? We are in this world, but not of it. So while we’re here, until we take our last breath, we have to navigate this world the best way we can.

And the dog gone best way is to increase our median incomes. It doesn’t have to take long. If we all commit the next year or two to get these high paying jobs that don’t require a 4 year degree, I guarantee you that a reparations bill will soon pass through both chambers of Congress because would have the highest median incomes, which means more tax money for their greedy butts.

Lol aww shoot I’m on a roll now. We won’t have to get anyone to have our kinds of music played at Michelin rated restaurants because we would be in boss mode with the highest median incomes.

So if more of us simply stop picking these dog gone struggle majors in music theory, anthropology, sociology, art history, creative writing, gender studies – what the heck is that even for? Just look in the mirror to study your own dog gone gender lol. All kidding aside, once again, in a world that loves money and hates poor people, you have to realize that us staying stuck at the bottom of the economic ladder will all but guarantee we will be marginalized and ignored.

Enough is enough. And in the past, I picked on hair stylist low median incomes – yes ladies, despite what you have convinced yourselves of, the numbers don’t lie: at a median income of $25k a year, that’s 10k lower than the median income for black women. Wake up from your dream of becoming a millionaire hair stylist. Only a tiny few can make decent money at it. Taking a good stats class will help you understand probabilities. Also, real estate agent is another struggle field. Sure, on TV you see the glitz and glam of a tiny few making million dollar deals, but that’s not the norm. Again, we get ignored because our median incomes are simply at odds with a world that loves money.

So let’s dive into this latest stats and numbers so that we can boost our median incomes:

Last year, McKinsey published a very informative report about our community’s economic state. As we probably know, it’s not too pretty. But unlike our old school leaders who, instead of addressing these problems head on, misdirect our resources into useless political and social endeavors – for example, just like the Black Lives Matter scandal – we are forging a realistic, tangible roadmap for getting us out of this poverty rut that has plagued us for many decades.

I like how McKinsey phrased this right here:

“The sobering picture that emerges is meant not to discourage but to galvanize. Addressing the wage disparities described in our research alone could propel an estimated two million Black Americans into the middle class for the first time. This could reverse current trends, with cascading effects lifting the prospects of the next generation even further.”

Stay with me, my people, because I want us to have more than 2 million moving to the middle class:

“Previous McKinsey research has documented geographic mismatches between Black workers and opportunity; underrepresentation in fast-growing, higher-wage industries; lower odds for advancement and higher attrition for Black workers in frontline and entry-level jobs; low representation in executive roles; and a lack of sponsorship and allyship for Black employees. The occupational lens taken in this work is an important complement to those perspectives—and it is inextricably linked to the wage gap, which holds the key to greater economic mobility if addressed.”

Now what do all those fancy words mean? It means that too many of us are taking the easy way out when it comes to picking jobs after leaving high school and college. Further proof of that is in this quote:

“Black workers make up 12.9 percent of the US labor force today, but earn only 9.6 percent of total US wages.”

Again, what do these fancy words mean: Our collective incomes are lower than they should be for the number of us of working age.

The following graph shows the gaps across several jobs:

And this next graph shows how most of us have put ourselves in the lowest income jobs:

Folks, we can control this. We don’t need the government or anyone else to fix this. There are things we can’t control, but there are things we can control, and this is definitely doable.

Finally, this following graph shows exactly the kinds of struggle jobs we keep going for, which keeps our median incomes way too low, which then leads to those in power ignoring us, or playing us for fools:

Believe it or not, every one of these jobs will be automated sooner than you think. Guess what happens to us if we keep pretending like we can go on like this forever? We will become useless to society, and I don’t even want to tell you what that means in a world that loves money more than it loves poor people. So let’s get to work and over the next 1-2 years, let’s complete the right trade schools and two year colleges with STEM majors and careers so we can move our way to the top of the median income ranks.

Until the next video, brothas and sistas, take care.

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