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Is Pharrell’s Popular Sneaker Brand in Legal Trouble? PLUS: Is Your Job Susceptible to a Style Firing Before Christmas?

In this Christmas season report:Nike vs Adidas has some popular, upscale sneakers from Pharrell and Stella McCartney on the legal

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In this report – Retail Automation and Global Supply Chain Issues, Lucrative Influencer Deals

Hey, my business people. It’s almost Thanksgiving. In today’s Affluent Blacks news report, local ABC News affiliate WFAA has been

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Will Karen Civil’s Fraud Allegations Tarnish Her Media Influencer Brand? Lessons on PR Damage Control

Those were the good old days for her, when her name was not tarnished by a series of escalating controversies, that has culminated with some very damning allegations this week from hip hop music artists and even a nonprofit in Haiti.