Economic Warning: Is Our Community Being Replaced?

For some time now, we’ve been sounding the alarm that there are economic forces at play that will very likely render obsolete many of the jobs brothas and sistas do today. If you’ve watched our videos on this topic, we’ve shown that our community is vulerable to both automation by artificial intelligence and weaponized immigration. Regarding the latter, notice how the White House has been eager to provide lots of money and jobs (especially STEM jobs) to the Afghan refugees who lost their homes after American misadventures in their native countries.

And now this week, we are hearing that the same Biden White House is entertaining the idea of paying $450K per person to immigrants at the Mexican border who were supposedly “traumatized” by Trump’s policies, despite brushing off our demands not only for reparations, but other key initiatives beyond mere lip service and shallow race gestures.

But an even bigger monster that could be the nail in the coffin for most of us is the replacement of manual labor jobs with computer automation. Some of us are still skeptical that a computer or robot could replace our jobs, but just keep in mind that what you understand about computers is far behind how “smart” they are. Not even degreed healthcare workers are immune. None of us are immune, but the most vulnerable are the ones at the bottom of the economic ladder.

In short, we are being squeezed from both ends: immigration and automation.

Case in point: McDonald’s is now poised to replace drive thru workers. How many of our young people work in fast food restaurants? Practically all aspects of fast food restaurant operations are being automated. We’ve been advising many of you to get training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine) jobs that stay one step ahead of automation:

McDonald’s just announced it will partner with IBM to automate drive-thrus, and the results could potentially allow the fast-food giant to operate with far fewer workers.

IBM bought McD Tech Labs, an AI startup formerly called Apprente that was acquired by McDonald’s in 2019.

Business Insider

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