Black Workers vs Robots in the Coming Job Automation Era

Over the past few years, some technology trends have been underway that will pose a threat to average lower wage workers. And given the disproportionate share of this class that black workers represent, compounded by the systemic racism of the elite, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that artificial intelligence (AI) and robots will replace lo wage workers in big numbers. In addition, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT), along with blockchain technology, are the brains behind this automation revolution and have taken off recently as well.

But did many in our community get the memo? Of course not.

Farmers in general, and black farmers in particular, are already feeling the brunt of automation, though it is being cloaked as the “trade war” between the US and China. Agriculture has already been undergoing automation for some time now. Besides that, truck drivers are being replaced by driverless trucks, similar to Uber and Lyft. US Postal workers, along with drop shipping workers at Amazon, FedEx and others, will be replaced by the same technology, including flying drones that can deliver packages faster and more accurately in many cases. Those in the legal and accounting/bookkeeping professions need to watch out, too, as AI has proven to be gaining in accuracy and analytical skills rapidly.

Is this a doom and gloom article for click bait? Not even! I am sounding an alarm for brothas and sistas to wake up and realize that your world is changing quickly and quietly right from under you. Case in point: Check out this article that was posted just a few days ago about how McDonald’s is testing a fully automated restaurant concept where no cashiers are needed. The same article also mentions how Walmart is already using robots in some locations.

The same system that has been racist against you is the same one not warning you in advance, so that you will be displaced with no income, just out there azz out with nowhere to go. As I’ve already been telling those in my inner circle, it’s time to seriously rethink your jobs and college majors. Get some kind of relevant technology skill, even if it is just repairing drones and robots. Do something, and retrain yourself now, not next year. The economy is showing signs of weakness (and has been since last October, but they won’t tell you that until it’s too late). Check out this video for some background on the issue.

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