Why end up in STRUGGLE careers and LOW INCOME businesses?

In my “Business Warrior Mindset” video, I stressed how important it is for more of us to acquire STEM skills to get a competitive advantage over others in this economic war. This video will go into details on getting into the career, job interviews, and business idea planning.

I’m all about coaching you on how to be business warriors, and I have a university degree in this stuff, the latest cloud computing certifications plus 30 years experience in automation and business process engineering, including the kinds of complex supply chain logic I talked about in my video on how black women lost the hair and beauty care industry to Korean businessmen who now tightly control that supply chain thanks to Democrats and Republicans in Congress (it was a Democrat who advised them on how to strengthen their DC lobby).

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One of the ways to help more of our people become business warriors and corporate hustlaz is to help you acquire the right weapons to build a warfare foundation. We all can’t just go out there and start businesses without having more money, right? You know this all too well. The way things are now, our collective net worth is near zero. And as Dr Claude Anderson has warned repeatedly on Dr. Boyce Watkin’s channel, we’re being increasingly replaced by immigrants. No shade to them, but I am seeing an alarming rate of immigrants in higher paying jobs all around me in corporate America. It’s going to be harder and harder for us to claim racism when foreigners as dark as me are more numerous than our own native brothas and sistas in STEM jobs.

Moreover, our incomes stay lower than others, and unemployment is higher among us than other groups. So when I analyze ways to strengthen our ability to create a new class of business warriors, I first see a wealth and income problem. One solid way we can overcome this is by entering careers that are based on STEM skills. Another way to overcome is to improve how we interview for jobs, and how we negotiate salaries and hourly rates. This is Phase 1. If we can accomplish these two over the next 12 to 24 months, we will get ahead of the curve. But we have to act NOW. No more procrastinating. No more waiting for someone else to come rescue us. Warriors don’t wait for the enemy to save them! Say that again. Warriors go get weapons, so I’m going to help you get them with this video and other videos in my Business Warrior series. After watching this video, if you’re able to go out there and execute like a business warrior without additional help, just message me to let me know how you’re doing so I can share the testimonial. But if you need additional help, let’s set up a paid one on one session on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or other video chat app.

As I said in another video, our primary problem when it comes to accessing money, besides the fact our ancestors have been robbed of their generational wealth and given NO reparations, is that too many of us choose careers poorly and pick the wrong majors in college. The college major problem alone has left us with disproportionate amounts of student loan debt. Sadly, most of us are first generation college students, so we have no one to coach on the best majors to take. And college guidance counselors, bless their hearts, aren’t much help because they’re not out here in these corporate streets like I am. They have offices at universities and colleges with retirement plans and comfort. I’ve been in the trenches of business warfare for 30 years. You do the math. Who would you trust to give you the right advice about majors and careers after college? Moi.

I know some of us are proud to be in college, representing our families. Good. So we think any old major we choose is fine, just as long as we get that degree. Ummm…No! This is an outdated notion that benefits colleges and the banks who fund your student loan. The degree is not your end game. You need the right skills to wage war out here in business. If this world loves money, and you want this world to pay you lots of that precious money, do you really think they’ll just hand you $100,000 a year for a criminal justice degree? Do you think lovers of money care about your degree in history, sociology, Black Studies, Women’s studies, fashion, music, creative writing, English, communications, fine arts, etc?

Look at it this way. Let’s say you inherited $500,000 in a trust fund. The only criteria for you to get it, is that you have to continue the family business, which is in commercial real estate construction. You find out it takes half of that money just to operate every year, another half of which goes to an architectural firm. You figure you can hire an individual architect for $75,000, saving $50 stacks a year. You solicit an architect on LinkedIn and get two resumes. One of those resumes is someone who is a certified, degreed architect with 5 years experience. The other is from someone who took one architecture class in college, but majored in Spanish. Which one will you offer the $75,000 to? I’ll let your common sense answer that.

But this is the decision that hiring managers make all the time. I know because I have been on both sides of hundreds of job interviews over my career. These managers have to sometimes sift through hundreds of resumes. They increasingly rely on machine learning bots to quickly go through your resumes to see if you have the right skills and degrees. Your criminal justice major degree will get quickly eliminated from well paying jobs.

Why set yourself up for failure? I’ve heard many of us justify our majors, explaining that “I want to help free my cousin from prison because of a crime he didn’t do.” Or “’I’m passionate about being a movie star in Hollywood, so I want to major in acting.” I understand the passion, but folks, take your emotion and feelings out of it. Our median and average incomes are very low, and it’s not all because of racism. When it comes to war, you can’t be worried about your preferences and feelings. That won’t stop your enemy! You have to compartmentalize your emotions and have a strategy to make more money. If you get a STEM skill, you can make enough money to free your cousin from prison, or buy your own movie production equipment and market the film yourself on social media. So once again, we have to stick to STEM skills.

You GOTTA check out the entire video to transform the way you approach your job, pay and raise negotiations, and business startups!

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