The Black Business Warrior Mindset

Lessons from Business Hustlaz Past and Present

© Copyright 2021 by John Conley and Samsona Corporation

Need the right mindset to ask for more pay or increase your business income? Business, whether your own company or a career, is a hustle where you are quick to satisfy a need with the perfect solution by any means necessary. What sets every successful entrepreneur apart from the many failed ones is the ability to not only focus on money, but to identify a legitimate, urgent need that some people have, and executing a plan to satisfy that need. Let that sink in. Often, nearly 90 percent of those who start businesses fail within the first year, not only because of the lack of a business plan, but they have no vision for matching a solution to a problem. Also, they let obstacles and excuses get in the way. The entrepreneurs in this series were successful because they continually evolved a business strategy without letting anyone, anything or any negative mindset get in their way.

They didn’t dwell on negative thoughts such as racism, because to do so would leave them less room for positive thoughts and thus positive business outcomes. Negative thoughts only lead to defeat. That’s when you start taking Ls, and losing chances at making money. With that in mind, I’m launching a video series with relevant business strategies from brilliant brothas and sistas such as Reginald Lewis, Madame CJ Walker and her contemporary Anne Turnbo Malone, first black car manufacturer Frederick Patterson, and many others. The focus will be not so much on their biographies or history in general, but the success mindset that drove them to achieve success against incredible odds. Their successes are more astonishing than those of most business people who only had the normal obstacles to overcome. We have to overcome extraordinary obstacles, which makes our successes truly remarkable.

So what kind of mindset does it take to overcome these massive obstacles forced on the Black community? It takes military style discipline and stamina…

Check out the rest of this ground breaking motivational teaching by watching the rest of the video!

Imagine you’re the leader of a country. A larger country is ready to invade. You have only two choices: think negatively of your chances to win, or think positively. What would you choose? Of course, the wise leader thinks of strategies for a positive outcome. You wouldn’t waste your time and energy whining and complaining about how much larger your enemy is. You wouldn’t mope around in a negative spirit, feeling defeated before you even tried to defend your nation. You would meet the urgent problem with a solution that will keep your citizens alive. I bring up this war analogy because too many of us don’t understand that business is WAR!

Check out the video for the rest of the ground breaking business content…

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