Happy Juneteenth All Across DFW and This State of Texas

Hey people! We got a little behind schedule on this article the same way certain officials and slave owners were slow to let our people know they were free back on June 19, 1865! But we made it and celebrate with you this first national holiday edition of a long standing tradition, with Galveston, TX, being ground 0 for Texas slaves being notified. Did you know that it actually took several years to hammer out the legal bureaucracy of the freedom from 1863 until about 1870? Man, justice was slow (and in some cases, still is).

What are yoooo doin today to celebrate? There are all kinds of events going on, with Dallas hosting an event or two and professional chocolate city DeSoto hosting an event shortly, if they haven’t already started. Funky Town out west got started an hour or so ago so don’t delay, git up n git out therre!

Juneteenth Freedom Day

Here are a few events we plan to pop up at unexpectedly (check www.affluentblacksofdallas.com/events for a full list of events):

Juneteenth day

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