From Will and Jada to Africa, We’ve Got Your Affluent Black Business News

In today’s Affluent Black Business news report:

From comes this story…
Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Pay $11.3 Million for All-New Hidden Hills Mansion
“They already own at least eight homes scattered across the country. But celebrity power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are still adding to their collection, this time shelling out $11.3 million for a big mansion in Hidden Hills — the guard-gated community that’s famously home to everyone from Drake and Kaley Cuoco to Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star.

“Built new last year on speculation, the two-story house spans more than 10,000 square feet of living space and is described as a “Napa Modern” home in the listing. Completed in early 2020 and built on speculation, the estate had been on the market since June of last year; the Smiths scored the keys for a nearly million-dollar discount off the original $12.2 million asking price.”

From comes this story: Meet the Black Woman, Claudienne Hibbert-Smith, based in Florida, Making History in the Real Estate Industry in 11 States. She’s making moves, and according to her Instagram page, Miami just passed LA as the most expensive housing market in the country. Didn’t see that coming, but it makes sense given that New Yorkers and Californians have been moving there in droves to escape the heave restrictions and economic uncertainties of their home states. Besides all that, we gotta congratulate her on her success.
3 Friends Open Charlotte’s First and Only Black Woman-Owned Skate Park. It looks like it’s the only one of its kind within the city limits of Charlotte NC. Way to go, ladies.
From Black Enterprise Daily magazine: Black Female Lawyer Launches Legal Fund to Support Black-Owned Businesses Using Crowdfunding to Raise Capital. Elizabeth L. Carter, Esq., LLC, a Black woman-owned securities law firm, has launched a legal fund to support Black businesses that plan to raise capital through crowdfunding campaigns and other means.

From Retired Black Educator to Sell Educational Complex He Built on 98 Acres of Land in West Virginia
“After 29 years of focusing on leadership development for urban and rural youth in the Black and Brown community, Robert Hoffman is ready to pass on the torch…” He’s teaching by example the importance of creating wealth based on land ownership so that we can pass something along to our heirs. Well done.

From comes this story: Amazon, Facebook & Uber pledge to hire Afghan refugees to support US economic ‘vision’.
“Retail giant Amazon has vowed to hire refugees from Afghanistan as part of a program with other major companies including Facebook, Uber, and UPS to get refugees into the US workforce.
“Some 34 companies joined the Tent Foundation’s Coalition for Afghan Refugees and have pledged to train, hire, and “help integrate” refugees into the American economy, the Tent Foundation recently announced.
The companies include Facebook, Uber, UPS, Pfizer, Chobani, Trip Advisor, Western Union, Hilton, Gap, Mastercard and Amazon – the latter of which will train and hire Afghan refugees to work in its controversial warehouses and transportation centers.”
Given that our community has pressed the Biden administration and the Democrats in general to do more than just hold hearings on reparations, does this seem fair?

Chinese Woman Admits To Being Poor Before Going To Ghana And Now She Is Rich
This story is rather interesting as there’s been this expansion of interest by China to use “soft” diplomacy and loans to dominate Africa. Keep in mind that China is a rising super power, rivaling the US and the West for the top spot. And for years, they have been muscling their way into hegemony over the entire African continent. Most likely, this lady is an undercover operative for the CCP,, and Ghana’s government is complicit in helping China prop her up so that China can eventually take over Ghana. The citizens should demand a complete audit of how she’s rich all of a sudden. Just my two cents. Weigh in with your comments below.

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