Our First Annual Christmas Gift List

Where are our beautiful procrastinators at lol? It’s the middle of December, which means Christmas is right around the corner. There’s still some time left to get that great gift and ship it off, but you better act fast. One of the biggest reasons some of us procrastinate is that it takes so long to find the right gift with the right quality and the right 4+ star reviews. After that comes the wrapping and shipping. Thankfully, online store platforms like Amazon.com take care of the logistics for you. So all you gotta do is find the right gift.

But the browsing and selection takes too much time, you cry. We know. We got you! We already went through many, many gift ideas for men, women and children (yep, there are a few items for youngsters). As you might know, Amazon, ebay and other online store platforms have hundreds of thousands of products for sale. There’s no way a procrastinator can go through them all in a few days. Using our specially designed process, we team up with our buddies at 50Plano.com to put together a list of 4-star or higher products, from fashion and beauty (with help from our glam friends at CurveMonstersGlam) to electronics and home items. Visit our store now at www.50Plano.Store.

See how sexy that “.Store” domain is? For those not familiar with it, a few years ago, the people who manage internet domain names decided to expand it beyond just “.com” to more specialized domains.

Here’s some pics of a few select products from our store.

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