RIP The Hardest Working Comedian, John Witherspoon

What an icon of Black American entertainment. John Witherspoon impacted many aspects of our lives and vernacular. One of my favorite movies he was in is Boomerang (1992), which was one of the black movies that helped make the 1990s probably the best ever among decades. I quote from that movie from time to time. And I pretty much liked everything he touched. Hopefully some of you had a chance to see his standup routine in person.

I caught one of his shows at the Addison Improv here some years back (probably back in 2010 or so) and even at his age, he did nearly a 2 hour set nonstop with lots of physical aspects. The outfit he wore at that comedy show was almost identical to the one in the cover page (might actually be the same). Much younger comedians would be hard pressed to keep up. This video did a good job putting together a collage of his greatest moments. RIP POPs

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