Hey! What Are Yooo Doin Memorial Day Weekend?


Based on the number of event flyers that hit our inbox, this Memorial Day Weekend might set a record for the number of events going on all across the vast land of Dallas-Ft. Worth! And several celebs are coming to town to help you celebrate. So if you don’t have travel plans taking you out of town, then this weekend is sure to make DFW a top MDW destination across the nation!

Each day for MDW 2018, starting with last night (sorry, got busy, so couldn’t do this article yesterday), you’ve got fun choices in various hot spots across the metroplex. The following are some events we’re highlighting for each day. If we forgot an event, hurry up and contact us asap! Click “Events Across Dallas-Ft. Worth” in the menu above above for all the event action.

Fri, May 25



Make It a CurveMonsters Summer



Sat, May 26




Sun, May 27


Mon, May 28



Dallas Summer Events 2018

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