DALLAS Artists Join Together Tonight to Bring Back the OLD Kanye West

From Raynetta Smith:

DALLAS, TX –  The past few weeks music lovers have been in frenzy after a series of Tweets, and a TMZ interview from Superstar rapper Kanye West, where he proclaimed his alliance to President Trump and a statement about Slavery being a choice. Since then Fans of Mr. West have been proclaiming their love for the Old Kanye, and dissociating themselves with the Rapper and his new philosophies.

However, the Dallas Hip Hop Community has banded together to celebrate the Old Kanye, at one time everyone’s favorite Rapper. Organized by the Live Playlist, Local Artist @rapgodpatron, @vangammon, @sirronreid, @thesamuelgreen, @j/o/e, @itsProjext and Kris Carey, have come together for the “I MISS THE OLD KANYE” EVENT.

Sponsored by Disctopia, a streaming platform for indie artists and CelebYou, the online singing competition for indie artists, The Live Playlist. The event features some well-known and unknown independent artists, visual artist, and music fans coming together to celebrate Mr. West through culture, music and art.

The event has recently traveled to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, Charlotte and is now concluding in DALLAS. It’s Founder, Lamont Leak, is also a Casting Producer for Hit NBC Show “The Voice”, and using the platform to promote upcoming Hip Hop & R&B Artist along with past Artist who have been on the show.

For media opportunities, and celebrity or influencer RSVPs, contact Raynetta Smith, PiperRaePR, at Raynetta@piperraepr.com or (323) 521-9034.


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