Directly Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

By John the CEO

In my humble opinion, to be quite frank, a lesson learned from Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake is that the big donor organizations (which will remain nameless but we all know who they are) are not effective in truly giving all those millions of donation dollars to the actual victims. Sure, they know how to enlist top Hollywood and political celebrities to sing or make appearances (which is usually meant to boost their careers), but when the cameras are gone, both the celebrities and the big donor organizations are nowhere to be found. They use excuses like “well, we got way more money than is needed for this catastrophe, so we’re going to re-purpose the ‘excess’ funds for other worthy causes.” For those that remember Katrina and Haiti, that’s exactly what these slick organizations said back then. And even to this day, victims from both tragedies are asking where’s the money at.


So with that being said, I figured I’d put together a list of drop off locations in Houston who are asking for certain items. Some Houston station websites have posted such drop off sites. If you happen to know of other drop off sites or churches and other genuine Houston area community organizations who are truly giving direct help to the victims, let me know. And may God bless the victims, in Jesus’ name…

From here are a few:

 Pray for Houston


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