An Effective Way to Handle the Dallas Gas Supply Problem

Every driver across Dallas – Ft. Worth is familiar by now with the hit or miss gas supply problem that is getting national attention. Why call it a “gas supply problem?” There are two sides to the reason. This “problem” was deliberately created by the mainstream media when they started reporting that the damage to Houston refineries caused by Hurricane Harvey may will lead to record high gas prices which would be compounded by the usual Labor Day weekend increase in demand.

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Then some news analysts suggested there may be short term supply problems. On top of this, some gas station owners also suggested they informed those close to them to fill up as they also expected supply problems with tanker trucks which directly supply them. All of this, in turn, created a widespread panic among the public, especially those who are price conscious. Once the panic set in among the public, the same mainstream media then brought on gas supply experts who, on the one hand, basically said the supply problem is all in their heads and Dallas has plenty of gas. But if you paid attention, on the other hand, they also said because of the hurricane, Dallas can expect intermittent gas supply problems for the next one to two weeks because some refineries are offline. This suggests that, even if there was no panic, there still would have been a 1-2 week supply problem. it’s just that it has now been combined with a local Dallas area gas reserve depletion problem. Finally, President Trump declared he will release some emergency reserves to offset the supply problem, but not specific timetable was set.

Regardless how you feel about the cause of the gas supply problem, gas stations across Dallas Ft worth and beyond are experiencing a crunch. This has resulted in long lines, sometimes 1-2 hours long, and pumps are being shut off due to lack of gas. At some point, some gas stations get replenished, but wouldn’t it be better to know which gas stations near you have gas, and which one has the lowest price? There’s an app for that. Download GasBuddy on your phone. It’s a buddy system, so users all across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth have been reporting gas outages and those few gas stations who still have gas. They also include their prices and what kind of fuel they offer. I used it last night to find the absolutely last gas station that had gas left, and they were running out as I got there. Fortunately, there was no long line there (this was around 930 or 10pm). I highly recommend using this app to avoid wasting gas and getting frustrated trying to find the nearest gas station, then having to wait in a long line, only to have them run out of gas before you get yours. (And no, GasBuddy didn’t pay for this free promo, although it would be nice if they donated some funds to direct relief to hurricane victims on our behalf 🙂 ) Keep us posted and God bless.

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