100 Years Ago She Said ‘Buy Black’ – Are We Listening?

Hey! Hopefully you’re enjoying the first full weekend of October all across the land of Dallas Ft. Worth. Just wanted to add some food for thought on the importance of building up the community. This remarkable lady, Maggie Lena Walker, headed up a black bank after being frustrated with the extreme ridiculousness of Jim Crow racism back in the day. And on top of that, when black women were doubly mistreated and thrown under the bus, she hired them to help run the bank. But the most important thing she did, I think, was to make the following quote which still rings true today:

…Buy black…Every time you set foot in a white man’s store, you are making the lion of prejudice stronger and stronger, and making it all the more easy for him to devour the Negro merchant who is trying to do business. The only way to kill the lion of prejudice is to stop feeding him.

Maggie L. Walker, 1909

How on earth did we allow ourselves to go from banks and businesses of our own, circulating that wealth better than today? The wise ones know the answer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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