Elite and Professional Athletes: Maximize Your Health, Mental and Financial Success Workshops

DALLAS, TX – Join the national group of experts, network with former NFL players and win “Swag” from our exhibitors. Speakers include Bob Grant- Chairman of NFL Players Congress (California), Dr Moira M Forsythe, CPC, ELI-MP,CDLS (Colorado), Brandi Winans (Florida) – wife of All Pro NFL tight end the late Jeff Winans, Attorney Chad Jones ( Mississippi) and other panel experts as they discuss athletes’ health, life style decisions, success, mental preparation, and the NFL concussion conversation. This event is for the elite athlete, professional athlete and their families. If you are a pro or think your child has a future in professional sports, you need to be here. Attendance is FREE with early registration.

A distinguished panel will present Elite Athletes, Professional Athletes and their families: Maximize Your Health, Mental and Financial Success event at the InterContinental Hotel, Dallas, on Saturday, October 15th 27th, 9 am – 4 pm

This dynamic event will take an insider’s look into the life, health and mental wellness of those athletes that play sports at the highest levels and the impact and opportunities for lifelong success and quality of life.

Panelists include: Dr Moira M Forsythe, CPC, ELI-MP,CDLS Bob Grant – former Baltimore Colts Super Bowl Champion Everette Pearsall – the Executive Director of NAAAA, The National Alliance of African American Athletes Brandi Winans – wife of All Pro NFL tight end (Florida) the late Jeff Winans Chris Ward, Phd, Retired NFL All-Pro, Minister Attorney Chad Jones , Tort and NFL Settlement Attorney Kamala Nellen, Peak Performance Consultant Ron Peoples, Financial Advisor Evan Burk, Recruiting Expert and former UCLA & Miami Dolphins Coach and many other leaders. Conference emcee is Reginald Grant, MSEd, former NFL player, author of “Success Stories Insights by African American men” (2016).

Topics will be varied and will journey through all aspects of the athlete’s life, from student athlete to pro to retired star. Here’s a sampling: • Maximizing you Physical and Mental Success for the highest levels of performance • The Impact of Health on Players, and Families • Treatment of TBI & CTE • Financial Opportunities for future, current and former professional Athletes • Your Lifetime of Financial, Physical & Mental Success • The Changing landscape of the Recruiting Process
View the video from the Los Angeles event held in August with Leigh Steinberg – mega sports agent and others at www.reginaldgrant.com
Event Registration: https://texasathleteshealth.eventbrite.com, For Sponsorship information National Contact: 323 503 5675 All media are welcome. Please call Miriam Glover to reserve a press pass. Sponsors/partners: NAAAA (Watkins Award for Scholar Athletes – Dallas & Los Angeles Chapters), NFL Players Congress (Retired NFL players), ww.care, Pro Athletes Transition, Chad Jones Law, and the Worth Sports Group.

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