The Hilton Anatole in Dallas | Southern Living Blog

The swank swim up bar at the Hilton Anatole | From Southern Living

Southern Living magazine did a nice write up on the upscale Hilton Anatole hotel here in Dallas earlier this year. For those considering hotel stays when coming to Dallas on business, this article might help in your decision…

Located in Dallas, set on 45 acres of land, the hotel is considered to be one of the largest in the south with a new expansion underway. The hotel was built by Fred Trammel Crow (June 10, 1914- January 14, 2009) in 1979 as a gift for his wife Margaret Dogget Crow (May 17, 1919-April, 11, 2014). Despite Crow’s modest means growing up during the Great Depression, he became one of the largest real estate developers in the country, with interests said to be much larger then some of his better-known counterparts like Donald Trump—making his financial success Texas-large as well.


From Southern Living

Source: Dallas, Texas Large: Hilton Anatole | Southern Living Blog

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