This is more than a website, it’s a positive role model

One of the main objectives of this website is to help black professionals new to Dallas Ft. Worth know where those of us who have been here are and what we’re up to. But another key objective goes beyond that: we also want to give young, aspiring professionals some positive role models. For those young brothas and sistas in less fortunate parts of the DFW area, we hope in some small way to fill in any gaps in their upbringing so that they know there’s a path upwards. This is especially important for those households where a parent is not there, leaving the child with a role model deficit. For those in affluent, well to do parts of DFW, where sometimes there aren’t many black professionals next door, this site can help young people connect with older professionals nearby. Seeing like-minded faces nearby helps make newbies and young people feel more comfortable with their environment and facilitates opportunities for socializing. And of course the young “old heads” can aspire to be like successful old heads in DFW.

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