Why is Park Avenue Dallas So Much Better Than Club Beamers?

Park Avenue Dallas

Ok now that we’ve got your attention, let’s briefly compare Park Avenue with the old Beamers since a lot of people like to do that anyway. For years, Beamers created a winning formula that attracted old school black professionals and business people during happy hours on Fridays as well as young whipper snappers (teeny bopper types) late Friday nights and Saturday nights.

The most obvious difference?

Park Avenue Dallas

For those who remember those days, you knew there was a big, wide generational gap between the two crowds that, over time, would help spark the decline of Beamers. Hey we’re not hatin’, just stating the obvious that many people felt but probably didn’t have the guts to tell the owners. And then came the unfortunate and tragic Josh Brent Incident in late 2012 that put the death nail in the coffin of Beamers. (For those who may not remember, that’s when Dallas Cowboys star Josh Brent had one too many at Beamers’ affluent upstairs club, Privae and crashed his car, killing his close friend). The word that came out of that fiasco was that Beamers was in trouble with the TABC (the Texas agency charged with overseeing clubs and restaurants that sell alcohol to the public). After failing to comply with TABC guidelines, as the story goes, the TABC shut Beamers down. Some time later, in comes an investment group that completely pimped out the facility and turned it into a world class nightlife scene for the grown and sexy black professionals, and those who aspire to be.

The old Beamers with Club Privae.

Well, something like that. And we love the new look! Some of the same people who went to Beamers obviously naturally gravitated to Park Avenue, but given the influx of black professionals into the Dallas area from all over, there’s a better mix.

For those who are used to the snazzy interior designs of clubs in Miami and Vegas, Park Avenue is along those lines. A visually appealing and ambient set of mood-setting lighting fixtures and a balanced supply of big flat panel TV monitors throughout mean that you never have a bad view. The food for happy hour is better (and Beamers had some great happy hour food, by the way). The dance floor actually looks like a dance floor, instead of the warehouse factory look of the dance area Beamers had. The DJ booth is sky high, just like world class clubs. The only complaint is they need more table seating, but at least they have more than the old Beamers.

Park Avenue Dallas

The outside of the club is unassuming and low key compared to the interior, but the signage is an improvement over Beamers. And the confusion of having two clubs in one (Beamers and Privae) is gone, so it’s just one great, amazing club scene. Definitely come dressed professional or business casual and have a great time at happy hour or late at night. If you do come for happy hour, be there before about 5:15 pm to have a good shot at getting free parking. Otherwise, you’ll have to do valet parking or take your chances parking your ride down the street or around the corner somewhere. Usually there are good windows of opportunity to park in the main parking lot during the transitions from one crowd scene to the next that Park Avenue has (happy hour 5-8pm, then 8-11pm and then 11pm-2am Fridays).

Park Avenue Dallas

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