Black Affluents | Reaching Black Consumers

Marketers have long held that the affluent in the United States are more like each other than they are like members of their own ethnic groups. From that, they reason that upper-class ($100,000-plus income) Blacks, who make up about 10 percent of the Black population, will adhere to the values of their socioeconomic group rather than those of their ethnic heritage.

According to data from the 2011 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, 74 percent of Black affluents agreed that “my cultural or ethnic heritage is a very important part of my life,” a sharp contrast to the 34 percent of White affluents.

One way Black affluents reward themselves is by purchasing quality products. This not only brings them pleasure but also defines who they are. Image and fashion are important for Black affluents.

I dress to please myself, not others………….. 81%

When it comes to quality, I believe you get what you pay for ……………. 80%

Good value for the money is more important than price……….. 70%

Being well dressed is important to me……… 64%

My fashion represents who I am as a person……. 58%

Owning good quality things brings me enjoyment….. 58%

I have an excellent sense of style……………. 53%

Base: 413 Black adults with hh incomes of $100K or moreMendelsohn Affluent Survey, Conducted by Ipsos MediaCT.

via Black Affluents | Reaching Black Consumers.


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