Is it Really Fair to Blame One Man for an Entire College? Let’s Chat

We Are ALL Deion Sanders – The Jackson State HBCU Challenge

Greetings, brothas and sistas. In this special report video…

By now, many of you have heard about the viral, growing controversy regarding the departure of head coach and NFL legend Deion Sanders from the HBCU known as Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. A slight majority of us are impressed with what he did at JSU, but a vocal slightly smaller number of us believe he betrayed us. Oh boy lol. I’m going to briefly summarize the so called scandal, and then come back with a bold challenge for all of us, especially those whining and complaining about him leaving. But keep in mind, brotha Deion not only brought a lot of national attention and resources to JSU, he also helped a competing HBCU get resources so that their players can have a good field to practice and play on. Where they do that at in all of sports?

But before I get into all that, I want to repeat an important success principle that I can’t stress enough among our people:

Business is WAR! Money trumps politics, for those of you who still think that a politics is the only thing that can save us. No no no. The billionaires who run this system don’t think like that. To them, they follow the Rothschild banking principle from the early 1800s, where the father of modern banking said this:

“GIVE me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” So said Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.”

This particular snippet came from the venerable Economist Magazine. Did he mention being loyal to one political party? What he said is the main principle fueling not only America, but the entire world financial system. We’re the only people who didn’t get this memo, which is why, after 70 or 80+ years of relying on a political only solution, that our median incomes and net worth are the lowest of all groups. If this were a sport like football, then we’re in dog gone last place!

And now we have the lowest incomes and net worth, and wonder why this world does not value our voices or presence as equals at the table of power. Say that again. This heartless world only values money, and we have the least of it. Between our skin color and wealth, which one do you think they care more about? I’ll let you answer that.

We were born into a war we didn’t know we were in. I heard Boyce Watkins and Claude Anderson discuss this… and they’re correct. And as I keep saying, business is war. In a business war, you need money. I just read you the quote from the modern banking genius that all these billionaires wage business war from.

The period of time from when we turn 18 years old until 24 is what I call our Lost Years, because most of us end up in struggle jobs and careers that keep our median incomes low. This, in turn, leads to less access to credit and reliance on high interest payday loans that keep us in poverty. Much of our financial problems are rooted in the sins of America’s past, as they robbed our generational wealth. I get that. But we have to focus on things we individually can change. We have smart people in our community working on that reparations problem. But in the meantime, stay focused on improving YOU. You’re more important at this point.

Waiting for the government to give us money is like a soldier who is a prisoner of war asking the enemy, his captors, to give him weapons, a king size bed, a plush bathroom, a 5 star meal, etc. Does that make sense to you in any war? How many POWs get 5 star treatment from the enemy? NONE! So why do so many of us have this flawed, failed POW mindset?

Pay attention.

We are mental POWs living mentally in prisoner of war camps in America, which is actually our ancestors’ land. We weren’t told the whole truth about the guerrilla warfare waged in the French Indian wars of the 1700s, that gave the colonizers serious trouble. But I’ll leave that for another video. Y’all ain’t ready for that.

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I’m going to switch to voiceover mode for the rest of this video…

[start voiceover mode]

So what exactly did Deion Sanders do? A few years ago, after checking out a few smaller colleges to launch his coaching career at the college level, he chose Jackson State. As part of his initial statements, he said he was going to be there for a few years, then break down barriers at the next level of college football. He used his mental and physical talents to quickly turn that program into a winning program in record time. He created such astonishing success that bigger colleges came knocking. He reached a very lucrative deal with Colorado that is almost $30 million total over some years.

I applaud his incredible efforts and success, but many others in our community are whining and complaining, including some HBCU leaders. To sum up, they think he pumped and dumped JSU like a third string side chick. They feel he was a black messiah figure that led JSU on, and then when a bigger pimp came calling, he left her in the dust. Finally, they also didn’t like that Deion told his players to stay with HBCUs to help build them up, which seems to contradict what he just did when he went to Colorado.

Why people why?

You are Deion Sanders. I am Deion Sanders. We have a Deion Sanders in every career field that our HBCUs can lean on for ideas and solutions. We have brothas who are running landscaping businesses. The current state of each HBCU reflects the current state of our entire community. Think about that.

One of the great things Deion did was to have one of his corporate sponsors help a competing HBCU fix their practice fields. Why can’t one of our landscaping businesses stand up? Let me know and I’ll put you on blast across my social media free. We have more tools such as social media than our ancestors did when they built those astonishing Black Wall Street cities long ago. A success mindset admires the astonishing success Deion brought to JSU. A failure mindset wastes time criticizing and complaining.

Why do so many of us have this failure mindset? Those who are complaining aren’t blaming the Athletic Director of JSU for not having a long term contingency plan in case Sanders left like he said from jump. Deion had a vision for his future that included helping JSU while also helping himself, a typical win-win scenario that happens in any successful business.

For those who don’t know, a college’s Athletic Director is in charge of hiring head coaches and establishing a vision for the sports program. If I were the director, I would have had a contingency plan in place from Day 1. I would have put in Deion’s contract that we need him to use his influence to help recruit the next coach. I’m not trying to pick on the current director, and he may have such a plan in place that we don’t know. But to sit and complain and not consider all angles is intellectually lazy.

Out of all the 50+ million brothas and sistas we have, you mean to tell me we don’t have ONE great coach who can replace him?

By over vilifying Deion, you’re going to make other potential black head coaches pause before taking a head coaching job at the next HBCU because if they are too successful and want to move on to the next level, you’re going to whine and complain and use shaming tactics.

Let’s bring this back down to earth. A lot of us pick the struggle job of hair styling and hair cuts lol. Now I know a few of us are making good money at this, but let’s be honest, probably 95% are struggling. But let’s say you’re a 25 year old brotha who cuts hair. You don’t make much money, but you get by. You have a website and social media presence where you promote your service. You get some modest buzz as some guys like how you cut their hair.

Then out of the blue, Deion Sanders books an appointment with you. You’re excited and give him the best hair cut ever. He loves it so much, he spreads the word, and your website and social media is blowing up with many appointments. You never hear from Deion again. What’s your next move if all of a sudden, the appointments slow down? Is it Deion’s fault that your appointments fell off because he didn’t make a return visit? The smarter ones among you know exactly where I’m going with this. Of course not! Deion did you a huge favor with just one visit. It’s up to YOU to have a business plan in place to take your business to the next level. Capitalize on all that market branding and appointment increase. If you don’t use that opportunity to your advantage, you lose it. It’s that simple.

Likewise, it’s up to JSU to capitalize on the huge opportunity Deion brought to them. I’m not saying they don’t have such a plan in place or not. But what I am challenging all of us to do is come up with ideas for how JSU and other HBCUs aka BWSCUs, can benefit from the golden opportunity Deion opened up to them.

Starting January 2023, let’s not let this discussion die. For all you whiners and complainers out there lol, use your social media platforms to discuss ways HBCUs can make progress. Interview graduates of HBCUs, starting with JSU, to get their views on things HBCUs are doing right, and things they are doing wrong, including their athletic programs since this is the center of this controversy. I’ll use my technology and business process consulting skills to aggregate all of this data and make professional recommendations to each HBCU.

For those who don’t know, I advise top executives of major corporations where my designs and ideas impact tens of thousands of employees and sometimes hundreds of thousands of customers. So I know how to scale raw ideas into executable actions in a process driven way. Each HBCU is now our Black Wall Street incubator. Let’s examine their curricula and degree programs to make sure they are producing high income graduates, instead of struggle major failures.

[end voiceover mode]

Ok this video is long enough. This is now our new video series, our special project, the HBCU Black Wall Street Challenge. Again, each HBCU is no longer to be seen as a rundown failure. They are now Black Wall Street incubators because they have some of the ingredients for a city within a city: land, buildings, people, infrastructure. So let’s treat each of them like Black Wall Streets. Offer your ideas instead of complaints. Time is valuable, and should not be spent on futile whining and complaining. This is YOUR time to be a hero for the community.

Money is not always needed. Time and Ideas are just as valuable. For those with academic backgrounds who can make a direct impact, put forth ways you think can improve them, and if possible, negotiate ways to be hands on.

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Together, we can make a difference. Lol I sound like a politician running for office. Roll your sleeves up cuz we’re about to get to work! The world economy around us is going through ugly changes, so time is of the essence. My next step is to go through the websites of some HBCUs to see what kinds of degrees they’re offering to brothas and sistas. I bet not see any struggle majors lol! Why graduate students into careers that don’t pay and lead to poverty? And people wonder why HBCU alumni can’t donate. Pay attention. Until the next video in this series, keep planning and executing, brothas and sistas, instead of whining and complaining. Take care.

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